What are the benefits of custom-made furniture?

What are the benefits of custom-made furniture?

Hands up if you have ever bought furniture without properly measuring your space? Bought something on a whim or on a deal and it doesn’t fit? That’s where custom-made furniture comes to the rescue.

When we moved house back in the middle of the 2020 pandemic, we made sure to measure the room and the doorways of the house to get our heavenly sofa in. Did we think to measure the angle of the hallway and bannister in our 100yr old house? NO!

We spent months while the shops were shut, sitting on our emergency flat pack Ikea sofa, googling Custom-made furniture!

Decorating a family home can be a frustrating experience – especially if it’s an older property. There are so many things to think about, from room size to family preferences and beyond. The worst is investing in
furniture that looks good online, only to find it doesn’t fit and clashes with just about everything you own.
This is where custom furniture comes in. Is it a bit costlier? Yes. Is it fabulous, though? Absolutely. And here’s why!

High Quality

The first, and maybe the biggest, attraction of custom-made furniture for most people is the high quality of the end result. Flat-pack furniture is frequently sub-par, even from the best flat-pack designers on the market. Materials are frequently flimsy, easily broken and even damaged in transit – and the finished products could be knocked over by a light wind in some cases…

Custom furniture, though, is built different – literally. Custom items are reliably built with longevity in mind, hard-wearing and to a sturdy standard. With a custom-made item, you don’t need to worry about any creaking or wobbling; you’ll be guaranteed something that’ll stay standing – and stay beautiful – no matter what!

Space Saving

Custom furniture is also uniquely placed to suit your home down to the ground – not merely in terms of décor, but also, more importantly, with regard to your available space. Every home has an awkward alcove or corner that it’s difficult to know what to do with, but fitted furniture can be built into them with ease.

Not only can this expand the available space in your home, by increasing storage options in otherwise
unsuitable areas, but it can save space altogether. With fitted shelves and cabinets in part of your home office, you remove the need for stand-alone cabinets and increase your available floor space as a result!


Custom-made furniture can be made to your exact specifications, in practically every way. This means you have the opportunity to get a piece made that reflects your home’s personality as well as a practical utility.

The result is a completely unique, bespoke piece of furniture that suits your home down to the ground.
Usually, pre-built or flat-pack furniture options are not so customisable – but here, you can let your
imagination take the lead.

High Value

Lastly, it’s hard to ignore the relative cost of getting your own custom furniture built for your home. Naturally, between labour and materials, buying custom furniture will be a little pricier than buying cheap flat-pack alternatives. There is a big difference though, in the way that each item holds its value.

Flat-pack and assembly-line furniture items typically lose their value really quickly after purchase, making them hard to get rid of later on without taking a big loss. But custom furniture items, being made to order from quality materials, rarely, if ever, lose their value. They remain valuable, even if built into spaces in the home! This is because fitted furniture could actually have a positive impact on your house prices in the long run.

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