Brighten up a boring room

As you may know if you follow me over on Instagram or Twitter, we took the unenviable decision to move house during a global pandemic. While it great because we had a lot of spare time to get the move sorted, it also meant we haven’t yet ventured out to shops to choose furniture and decor, so all our rooms still look like little empty boxes which is the complete opposite of our last house with it’s bright, rich colours and textured wallpapers!

The debate about a light fixture for our hallway has been rumbling on since October!

Whether it’s a lack of budget or inspiration that is holding you back, having a boring room in your house can really bring your mood down every time you need to use it. Perhaps it’s your office and you haven’t found a way to balance practical with fun, or you haven’t gotten around to making your kitchen anything more than functional because you don’t know where to start. Here are some ways to brighten up a boring room.

Start literally

By physically brightening up a room, you will notice that things don’t feel quite so dull and dingy.

Check out these E27 bulbs as a starting point and choose either a warm or cool-toned light – whatever goes best with the function of your room. Add a floor lamp for some height and a table lamp for some depth and you’ll notice the difference right away.

Add artwork

A boring room likely doesn’t show any of your personality and an easy way to do that is to get some artwork for the walls. You don’t have to buy any expensive originals, just some prints that you love in mismatched frames can look great. You could make a gallery wall using your favourite photos and memories or even create your own artwork to hang up. Not only will it look great, but it’s a fantastic talking point too, and a way to flex those creative muscles.

Add pops of colour

Whether you want to go full-on bohemian-rainbow hybrid with all of the colours and patterns or fancy something a little more subtle and understated, adding pops of colour can transform a boring room. Choose a colour that you love and paint a feature wall – there are some great examples of people painting archways and other shapes on a wall which looks stunning. Another option is just to add colour with accessories. For example, colourful cushions, throws and ornaments. The benefit of these is that you can change them out as styles or seasons change without having to repaint anything, and it’s an ideal way to dip your toe in the water if you’re not sure a bold colour is right for you.


There is something magical about bringing the outside inside and houseplants add so much to a room. Not only do they look amazing and add colour to a room, but they also help to purify the air in the room and are just a fantastic addition that doesn’t have to cost much. Find a plant that is easy to take care of if you’re not green-fingered, and put it in a pot that complements the rest of your decor.

As you can see, there are so many things you can do to change a room from drab to fab, and it doesn’t have to take a lot of time, money or effort, but the results will be long-lasting and you’ll be so glad you did it.

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