How a Lighting Makeover Could Completely Change the Dynamic of Your Home

Hands up who thought it was a good idea to paint their large, bright and airy living room a deep shade of purple? Great in the summer but now the dark nights are here, I am struggling to keep my room feeling bright and not drab. It always feels cosy on a night time which is great but during the day it’s lacking that bright pzazz, but I do know I don’t want it to feel stark and clinical.

All the rooms in my house have bold punch colours in them so I need to up my lighting game and change how I think about lighting my rooms.

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Simple Ways to Give your Home more Personality

I know how decor is very personal but I think your house reflects your personality, despite trends. My own house is bold and eclectic in colour choice and the finishing touches have been gathered from our travels. Have I ever blogged about my skull wallpaper? See, keeping it unique!

We are going to redecorate our sitting room before Christmas so I have been hunting for inspiration!

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Tips for a good nights sleep

Everyone struggles to sleep at some point. Whether it is stress, babies, or a fidgety partner, bed is one of the places we spend the longest each day in 1 place.

I struggle to sleep quite often, working late and rising early, I need to make those few snatched hours in bed count. I have invested in a quality mattress and luxurious bedding to make my bed an inviting and relaxing place so I don’t have to stress about sleep.

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Flamingo Lamp

Primark Flamingo Light

Just look at this magnificent piece of kitsch goodness!

I definitely think a Flamingo is my spirit animal and I’m glad my friends are prepared to acknowledge this!

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Winter Bedding from George at Asda

Asda Bedding

You can’t beat fresh sheets can you? I love novelty or seasonal bedding and Asda is my number 1 go-to place for affordable bedding.

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