How a Lighting Makeover Could Completely Change the Dynamic of Your Home

Hands up who thought it was a good idea to paint their large, bright and airy living room a deep shade of purple? Great in the summer but now the dark nights are here, I am struggling to keep my room feeling bright and not drab. It always feels cosy on a night time which is great but during the day it’s lacking that bright pzazz, but I do know I don’t want it to feel stark and clinical.

All the rooms in my house have bold punch colours in them so I need to up my lighting game and change how I think about lighting my rooms.

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Home Makeover Inspiration

We are currently in the nightmare state of putting our house on the market, buying a new home and looking for a rental property to purchase. At present we live in a new build house and are looking for a period property so any furniture we buy now will need to fit both our current house and our new home. Tricky? Yes. There’s very little furniture that fits both styles of house – trust me

We have been looking to replace our dining table for a while now. Whilst it currently sits 6 it is a squash. It’s one of those awkward things that if you replace your table you invariably have to change your chairs and other dining room furniture.

I have been creating mood boards of inspiration for furniture and paint colours. I think I am a bit obsessed!

Rodgers of York Dining Room Inspiration

The furniture featured is all from Rodgers of York and is the Bentley Hampton range. We love the neutral light tones mixed with wood. It looks both contemporary and suitable for an older house. Rodgers of York is a leading furniture company based in York and they have a huge selection of furniture, furnishings, fabrics and flooring.