White Monk Tea Room – Blanchland

White Monk Tea Room – Blanchland

Last weekend, we visited our favourite little country village, Blanchland for an afternoon tea at the renowned White Monk tea room.

Situated in the rolling countryside not far from Derwent Reservoir, Blanchland is a picture perfect village which is popular with walkers, bikers and people just passing through on a day out. Previously situated in what could be called a scout hut, the White Monk tea room now reside in an impressive central village location ensuring you pass it whichever way you hail from.

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What Katie Did #14

What Katie Did #14

Hello Lovelies,

Have you all had a good week? I’ve been busy as usual, no rest for the wicked they say! I’ve taken on a couple of new clients this week so it means i’ll be busier for the short term but it’s all good isn’t it!

Friday saw myself and Kathryn of Miss Kathryns Miss takes being whisked over to be VIP guests of Jacamo at their store launch in Gateshead where we got to meet the ever so lovely Freddie Flintoff and Steve Harmison who are both top notch cricket players. As usual with these kind of events we had a great opportunity to view the store and meet the wonderful staff who work behind the scenes and of course the branch staff who were all so sweet. Of course it wouldn’t have been a trip to a shop without spending some pennies and this time the very lucky Mr Tramp for a bag full of new shirts. Mr Tramp probably isn’t in the Jacamo main demographic but he is long in the body so I am very pleased to be able to buy him M/L shirts in longer length!

Saturday then saw me zooming down the motorway to Middlesbrough with Daniella to visit the girls at the new Benefit counter in Debenhams and be their guest for the day. We had a grand old time with them all, it was a great concession stand and I hope they did well in trying to beat their world record of most waxes done in one day across the whole Benefit company. 

Not only did we go on a little car adventure to see Benefit, we were also lucky enough to have our brows tackled. My pathetic blonde eyebrows were waxed, tweezed and dyed to within an inch of their life and after having our make up re-done we left the store feeling like the best looking ladies in the Boro!

Nice quiet week ahead of me thankfully. Just as well as i’m smashing on with my C25K journey and it’s going well!

On with the pictures!

My new slinky small top, I can definitely see a dramatic loss now | My Benefit Brows | Miss Kathryn & I | I’m 5ft 9, shouldn’t look that short | Guide books ready for summer | Mr Tramps ” special place” | The goodies the Benefit ladies used

If you missed it this week, I reviewed a Taillissime Blazer, I changed the ways you can follow me, reviewed some lovely Hairtrade Hair Extensions as well as MUA’s fantastic new Lip Booms.

Have a lovely week ahead of you and I will catch you all next Sunday. 



What Katie Did #12

What Katie Did #12

Hello Lovelies,

Have you all had a lovely day?

We have had a chilled week in Tramp Towers. Lots of new projects starting that haven’t picked up speed yet so we’ve enjoyed some quiet time – YAY!

Today, when most people are gorging on chocs, I took myself off for what I planned to be a run along the coast but as I have a randomly mysterious calf injury (don’t ask – I don’t know how I’ve done it!) I decided on a nice long walk. We did Whitburn to Sunderland Glass Centre and back (6 mile). Don’t tell anyone but we stopped for a coffee and a scone at half time. After I ran up all the steps at Sunderland Marina I think I deserve it… and on the upside, I avoided those lovely seaside chips I love so much! mmm chippies!

As for posts on the site this week, here’s a little round up : 

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Gok Wan inspired shoe find with Kurt Geiger – HERE 
Easter Wishes – HERE

Catch you all during the week!



Slimming World Syn Free Tortilla Doritos!

Slimming World Syn Free Tortilla Doritos!
Hello lovelies,I did a shout out on Twitter earlier this evening on whether anyone would be interested in a recipe for Syn Free Slimming World Tortilla style Doritos.

I follow the Extra Easy plan so this is totally free.You can vary this recipe for italian style, indian, mexican or plain.

What you will need :

Dried lasagne sheets (each sheet makes 6 crisps so judge how many you want to use)
Fry Light misting spray
Seasoning of choice.

Pre heat your oven to 200 degrees.

In a large saucepan, boil the full lasagne sheets until they are cooked, soft and floppy.

Drain and rinse with cold water until cool enough to handle. Make sure as much water is removed as possible.
Sprinkle each side of the boiled pasta with salt lightly and then your flavouring of choice. For italian, use garlic salts and herbs, for indian, use curry powder and for a mexican twist I like to use the Nando’s Peri Peri. It’s about £1.99 for a 90g shaker.

I cut each sheet in to 3, and then turn each of those 3 in to triangle dorito shapes.

Place on a non stick over tray and spray finely and lightly with Fry Light. 

Bake for 10-15 minutes, turning half way through.


Depending on your brand of pasta, you can play around with timings and whether you use Fry Light or not. It’s entirely down to you.

I have a recipe for Syn Free garlic battered mushrooms and garlic dip next if anyone is interested in that?