Hairtrade #613 Clip In Hair Extensions

Hairtrade #613 Clip In Hair Extensions

Hello my lovelies,

Let’s talk fake, fake hair that is! 

I recently picked up some new hair extensions from Hairtrade. Hairtrade is a similar concept to Sallys but is based in the North East (Gateshead) and has a great shop with it’s own hair and beauty salon attached too! A perfect one stop shop for hair goodies AND getting your hair done! 

The website is chock full of products if you can’t make it to the store. I’ve used the store before and I had my Brazilian blow dry done in the adjoining salon last year thanks to a Groupon deal!

I think I’ve talked about my involvement with hair extensions before? I used to be heavily involved in the industry, making wigs, synthetic dreadlocks, installing extensions in different methods, making clip in sets and such like. During this time I never wore any myself. There’s nothing enjoyable about working with other peoples hair and then having to do your own extensions!

It’s only now that I take great pleasure in giving my already long hair a nice healthy boost in length and thickness with extensions. Both bonded in and clip in.

The 18″ I&K Silver set in #613 were £36.99. The full set includes 12 sections of weft with a total of 18 clips so you can be guaranteed they’d not fall out! The Silver set is a great mix of 65% human hair with 35% synthetic. This is a fantastic mix as the heat resistant properties of the synthetic make it hard to tell that it’s not 100% human. I wear clip ins so sporadically, I do not mind the synthetic / human ration as in this case it is such high quality. If you plan on wearing them every day, I’d recommend a set of Hairtrade’s fully human hair wefts.

The set arrived in a really good, sturdy brown box which has protected the wefts on their postal adventure. On opening the box the extensions are presented in a clear storage wallet which is really handy as it means you have somewhere safe and secure to store the wefts when they are not in your hair. Some other extensions just come in a flimy cellophane baggy which always splits and doesn’t hold the hair. Thumbs up for packaging that’s for sure!

The colour I chose was #613 which is, in the hair extension industry, pretty much the lightest blonde you can buy. The colour match is fab and the quality is lovely. So thick and glossy with wefts securely bound and the silver clips are well stitched. No risk of of the wefts slipping off the clips here! The cuticles are all aligned and the hair is just so unbelievably sleek and soft.

As with all human hair extensions you can straighten and curl these weft clips to match your hair style of choice. I really don’t like the poker straight hair look but, these do give such a glossy sleek look to your hair when you use them to extend straight hair. They curl well, acting just like your own hair does.

Here I am sporting my extensions with a loose curl brushed out in to a wave. This wasn’t the finished style but it really does show how thick and voluminous they are and how perfectly they are colour matched. You can see where some of my shorter top layers have fallen perfectly to blend the joins in.

If you are looking to dabble with hair extensions that are easy to clip in and clip out then these would be perfect for you. I am going to buy another set so that I can do some reverse ombre / dip dye looks with them!

Do you wear clip in hair extensions or do you prefer bonded?



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  1. 19th April 2012 / 10:23 am

    That colour match is spot on 🙂

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