How Can I Redecorate My Child’s Room?

How Can I Redecorate My Child’s Room?

Since moving house in late 2020, I have been trawling Pinterest and interiors websites for period property inspiration and ways to add some pzazz to a plain blank canvas. One of the biggest things I see people asking for or struggling with his how to decorate a child’s bedroom.

Now this isn’t something I have to worry about but the kind people at Room to Grow have given me some great tips on how to decorate your kiddos rooms to share for all you parents out there!

Redecorating your child’s room can be fun for both of you, especially if they have expressed a desire to be involved. There are some choices that you can make to help make their bedroom as comfortable as possible, considering their basic needs as well as any personal tastes they may have. When redecorating, it can be important to consider the type of budget that you have, so that you don’t put yourself into debt. It is entirely possible to create an amazing space for them, without spending an obscene amount of money in the process.

New Bed

As your child grows, they may want a new bed, or other furniture, in their bedroom, to showcase that they are more mature than they once were, or simply because their preferences have changed. One such option can be a cabin bed for kids, which will give them a bit of height off of the floor, while also making the most of the space available in the room. This can also help should you not want numerous pieces of furniture, as a lot of these offer storage solutions as part of their design. Cabin beds can, therefore, be great for smaller rooms, as you won’t need to take up additional space with drawers or wardrobes. Some also include a desk, which can be great for their educational needs, as well as engaging with craft-based activities.

Consider Their Sleep

Although your children’s bedroom might be a place where they play, read, or get creative, it is ultimately there to induce good sleep. The amount of sleep your child needs each night will depend on their age. Even within age ranges, some children may require more REM sleep than others. To facilitate this, it can be good to consider some of the hangings within the room. Window coverings need to block out enough light to help your child to get to sleep, particularly when the sun sets later in the day. You can achieve this by opting for blackout blinds or curtains, which can still come in a number of shades and designs. Avoiding anything which might cast shadows and scare your child can also be a good idea. For children who have an aversion to the dark, a nightlight can also help to benefit them, as well as for any night-time bathroom trips.

Colour Schemes

If you plan on changing the colour of the walls, or even flooring, you may want to first contemplate the colour schemes that you and your child can agree on. Bear in mind that, although your child may like certain tones now, there is no guarantee that they will in a few years, meaning you may have to complete the process all over again. For this reason, it could be a good idea to choose muted, pastel tones, that may still be enjoyed as your child matures and, if not, will be easy to repaint over.

Redecorating your child’s room can be bittersweet, as it may signify that a younger stage of their life is over. You can use this as another bonding opportunity, and to find out about your child’s preferences and interests.

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