Simple Ways to Give your Home more Personality

Simple Ways to Give your Home more Personality

I know how decor is very personal but I think your house reflects your personality, despite trends. My own house is bold and eclectic in colour choice and the finishing touches have been gathered from our travels. Have I ever blogged about my skull wallpaper? See, keeping it unique!

We are going to redecorate our sitting room before Christmas so I have been hunting for inspiration!

While many of us might pour over interior design magazines or binge watch programmes were we see people with seemingly endless amount of cash renovating, or building from scratch their dream homes, very few of us can really afford to fork out on achieving a house of our wildest dreams. Even the most chic and well decorated house can often feel a little lacking in personality, particularly when you haven’t lived there a particularly long time. However, there are some simple ways you can give your home a little more oomph, by making a few simple changes or investments in your interior (and exterior) design, you will be able to put much more of yourself into your house.

Art Additions:
There’s nothing that shows off your personality as much as your taste in art. From small subtle pieces to big, colourful and unmissable, the art that is shown in one’s home is a great way to put a bit of yourself into your decorating. Not only do artworks bring life into a room, but they also change the whole ambiance and look of the space! Shopping for unique artworks and/or sculptures is also very fun, and can make a difference to your home no matter the budget spent on it. Obviously there aren’t many of us who are able to buy expensive, original paintings by a famous artist, but you can even find wonderful prints of your favourite paintings to brighten up your day, and your décor. If you’re unsure where to start ask friends who know about art, and check for tips on how to choose the best pieces for your home.

The Outdoors:
Those with a large space looking to splash out should consider some key pieces of furniture like good quality dining tables where you and your family can dine alfresco during the warmer summer months. If you’re keen to find something a little different you might even consider looking into outdoor showers– especially if you or your family spend a lot of time
in the garden. It can be really exciting for the kids or to cool off after a hot day outside and is definitely a smart and fun way to minimize the dirt that would otherwise be brought inside your home. Plus, it can be a sure fire way to get kids washed and avoid bathroom queues!

What shows off your personality more than an original piece that you’ve made on your own? Doing it yourself will have you feeling like an interior decorator for the day, and is a hobby that can result in making lots of different objects. Not only are DIY projects big on recycling- meaning you’ll be able to use the extra junk you have laying around- but you’ll also be  working with different colours and materials to make impressive and beautiful objects! If you want a crack at making your own furniture, start out with bookshelves, and if you’re feeling brave- slowly make your way to small furniture! Otherwise small decorative items can be made in a free afternoon and can make a big different to your décor. If you don’t know where to begin, check out some of the many DIY tips and projects online for even the most amateur craftsman.

No matter the budget (as long as you have just a little to spend) you can really make your home feel like YOUR home. Following one or two of these tips will have guests looking around your home inspired and amazed at all the extra details you have added. Not only will they be asking you where you got this, how you got that up there, or how you managed it all money- wise, but they’ll also definitely be writing tips down to do similar things in their own homes!

Have fun and decorate your home to be a place where you feel happy and relaxed in; and use both your inside and outside space!

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