The Best Lighting for Your Beauty Routine

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Have you ever done your beauty routine in dodgy light? I know I have, I always look like I have clown blusher on if I’ve been using poor lighting. I can’t be the only one, right?

Want to know how to nail perfect lighting for your beauty routine every time?

Are you an aspiring beauty guru? Or maybe you’re just someone who loves to experiment with different looks? Either way, having a great lighting setup is essential when you’re applying makeup. Trying to look your best can be difficult in a dim room, but don’t worry, you don’t need to invest in professional studio lights just yet. If your set-up is lacking, these simple ideas can help you to supercharge your beauty routine in no time.

Illuminate your Mirror

If you’re in the market for a new mirror, then choosing one with in-built lights could give your makeup routine the boost it needs. Not only will it make perfecting your winged eyeliner that extra bit easier, it will have you feeling like a movie star!

But what about those of us with a mirror we already love? Cool white LED strip lights from Ultra LEDs are designed with a handy adhesive backing, allowing you to put them just about anywhere. Experiment with positioning them around your mirror and dressing table to see what works best for you. The LEDs will help to create a natural, even brightness across your face so shadows won’t get in the way.

Try a Ring Light

You’ve probably seen plenty of your favourite makeup artists with this handy piece of kit online and there’s a good reason for it. Whether you’re a selfie enthusiast or you’re thinking about sharing your routine with the people of the internet, a ring light will give your photos and videos a professional edge. But a ring light isn’t a wasted investment even if your online career doesn’t go exactly as planned, as it can be a great asset for just getting ready in the morning or evening too.

Natural Light

This one isn’t in your control, but it’s always the best option if you can get access to it. Consider moving your dressing table over to your window, helping you make the most of what nature has to offer. You might usually get ready in the bathroom, but think about completing the last part of your routine in the room with the biggest windows.

Light to Avoid

Now you know what works, it’s time to address some of the options you should never consider for your get-ready routine. Yellow and pink lights can distort the look of your skin, meaning you may apply too much or too little foundation and concealer. When you step out into the real world, you’ll realise your mistake as you walk past a reflective surface.

Another top tip is to avoid downlighting, which can cause some particularly unflattering effects. This type of lighting will only highlight blemishes and wrinkles, making them seem more prominent than they really are. It also creates dark circles under your eyes for a tired, worn-out appearance. Do yourself a favour and give downlighting a miss.

Lastly, avoid doing your makeup on the bus, unless it’s your only option. You risk being jostled by both people and the driver suddenly breaking, which is never good news for your liquid eyeliner. 

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