5 Software Programs That Help You Pass Your Driving Test In The UK Quickly


Learning to Drive

It is 17 years since I learned to drive. Jesus where has that time gone? My Neighbours youngest son is just learning to drive now and I remember him just being a little kid, so I feel very old!

Driving and cars are my passion and it’s one I share with my Husband and my family – thankfully – so I am always patient and kind to learner drivers out on the road. We ALL learned once.

If you are taking your first lessons this summer, I have 5 top tips for techy assistance whilst learning.

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Tin of Sardines Gin Bar, Durham

Tin of Sardines Gin Bar Durham

Everyone loves something a bit different, right? Only open a week, Tin of Sardines is Durhams newest and smallest bar. With a dedicated Gin menu, this is going to be the place in Durham to be.

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Hartlepool Maritime Experience

Hartlepool Maritime Experience

Did you know that the Hartlepool Maritime Experience less than an hours drive away from Newcastle? Have you even heard of it? Probably not but I want to shout all about it today as it is such a hidden asset to the North East!

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Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens, Northumberland – English Heritage

Belsay Hall Castle and Gardens

Tucked away from view on a sharp bend, you’d be forgiven for missing Belsay Hall, Castle and Gardens as you travel out of Ponteland. Venture in to the grounds and you will be rewarded with a day full of history, nature and beauty in this local English Heritage property.

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National No Smoking Day – March 8th

National No Smoking Day

Next month sees the return of National No Smoking Day. Back in my younger days I used to be a smoker. I came from a family who all smoked and all my friends smoked. This is back in the days when you could smoke in pubs and clubs.

I stopped when I met my Husband as he isn’t a smoker. I went cold turkey and managed to have stopped (mostly) for about 13 year. I won’t lie to you, I still have the odd cigarette now and then, socially, but I have managed to keep it in check. I have developed a handbag habit instead but that’s not quite so bad to my health!

My Mam is slowly weaning herself off cigarettes too by using an e-cig with a low nicotine liquid. I wish she would stop all together but i’m hoping some of these handy tips in today’s post might help.

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