Food Friday : Durham Gin

Food Friday : Durham Gin

Hello Lovelies, 

It’s fair to say 2 of my favourite things in life are Durham and Gin. Being a proud life long Durham girl, it is music to my ears that there is now such a thing as Durham Gin!

Durham Gin, based in Langley Park, is a small batch craft distillery which started producing it’s first batching in January 2014. 

Set up and run by Jon Chadwick and David Wilkinson, both Durham locals,  Durham Gin was conceived after a boozy trip to New York opened the door to the craft spirits world. With both Jon and David not being from the distilling world, David took himself off to gain an MSc in Brewing and Distilling and armed with a legion of supporters, set up in Durham.

Jon and David are obviously the best people to explain the techy bit of the distilling process so they have very kindly filled me in on the details!

We have a 400L handmade copper Gin still which was custom built for us in Portugal. It has a proper Gin basket and a worm tub -an old fashioned condensor like you would find in a traditional whisky distillery. We use 10 botanicals – some traditional Gin flavours like Juniper and Coriander – and some unique flavours like pink peppercorn. We also use natural spring water from Leasingholme drawn by our pal Alan Shoulder. The resulting Gin has a light floral nose, smooth on the pallette with a long finish. We do everything by hand adding the botanicals at 3 different stages in the process – some we macerate in cold alchohol, some we add into the still, and some we put in the Gin basket. We discard roughly 37% of everything that we make – to make sure that we have the smoothest cleanest taste. We do all of this by hand, tasting the Gin throughout the process to make sure it tastes right – it is a tough job, but we are dedicated.

Making 200 bottles of gin a week (mmm!!) Jon and David both also think Durham is the best place ever which thankfully do some of their suppliers. You can find Durham Gin in Majestic Wine, Fenwicks in Newcastle, Durham Cricket Club, Radisson Blu and the Airport in Newcastle!

Durham Gin will be hosting their very first pop up shop during the May Day bank holiday weekend (May 3rd – 5th 12:30 – 5:00) turning the old Goldsmiths unit in Prince Bishops in to a mini distillery with their baby copper still along with dishing out gin samples, mixing up cocktails as well as showcasing their new fruit liquers.

I hope to see you all there. I’ll probably be the drunk in the corner wearing the I heart Durham tshirt!

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Food Friday : DIY Double Decadence Easter Treats

Food Friday : DIY Double Decadence Easter Treats

Hello Lovelies,

This weeks Food Friday is a topical treat for Good Friday.

I am not a great fan of chocolate but Mr Tramp certainly is and I made this for him as a pre Easter treat.

You can of course use any kind of hollow egg, I just happened to have this one to hand as it was a gift for work and the cup made a handy base!

To make this more suitable to your taste and needs, substitute the milk for your choice as well as angel delight brand and flavour.


Hollow chocolate egg
Chocolate angel delight


Sharp knife
Mixing bowl

1. Carefully unwrap your hollow egg to expose the pointed end and balance the egg in the cup so that it is secure 

2. Gently warm your knife in the gas hob or in some boiling water and then ‘crack’ the top off the egg in one piece

3. Following the instructions for the pudding, whisk well and transfer to a jug to allow you to pour the mix in to the hollow egg. Fill the egg to the very top

4. Warm your knife again and run it over the rim of the egg to melt slightly. Whilst melted, place the lid back on and refrigerate to set.

5. Chill for up to an hour and re-wrap in the foil. 

You can go to town with switching up the flavours and sizes of egg. From individual bite size eggs to huge giant 30cm monsters!

Enjoy and be sure you Tweet me any pictures if you give this ago using the hashtag #FoodFridayDIY to @ladyfromatramp

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Free food Thursdays at Radisson Blu Durham

Free food Thursdays at Radisson Blu Durham

Hello Lovelies,

Filini is the in house restaurant at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Durham city centre. It is by far my favourite place to pop in for a quick lunch on a Saturday or for post shopping cocktails as it is out of the way of the hustle and bustle yet only a 5 minute walk back to the shops and main entertainment area of Millennium Square. 

Book a table during Lumiere or on an evening and you have a beautiful view of the river and the powerhouse duo that is Durham Castle and Durham Cathedral. – Have I told you before how much I love being from Durham?!!
Serving modern Italian style dishes, for both lunch and dinner Filini have a great offer on Thursdays giving you lovely people free food!!

Photos courtesy of Radisson Blu on Facebook

 If you buy one Stuzzichini (appetizer) and one antipasti, you get a pasta for FREE. 

All you need to do is quote ‘Gratuito Giovedi’

Free carbs. My idea of heaven. You can view the restaurant menu HERE
If you are in the area or live local, check out Filini. The pizzas are delicious and their bread basket is to die for, seriously. ALL THE BREADS – NOM NOM NOM
Look out for my review of Filini coming soon on Food Friday.… I promise it isn’t all about the bread!

Three cheers for free food!

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Food Friday : – Newcastle’s new restaurant offer website

Food Friday : – Newcastle’s new restaurant offer website

Hello Lovelies,

If you are a foodie in the North East, you may well have already heard about Dined Out ( which is an exclusive offers website allowing us to sign up, take advantage of some great local offers in and around Newcastle and then book a table directly through the website!

A one stop foodie bargain shop created by two students from Newcastle with the aim to usurp the use of traditional paper restaurant vouchers. This is a great idea because to be fair, you are sometimes made to feel a bit bad about handing a money off coupon in a nice restaurant!

Free to join and with a small nominal reservation fee, Dined Out’s exclusive deals are growing and I can well see most of the restaurants in Newcastle will be clamouring to get on board!

I personally love the option to leave a review for each venue too.

Here is a selection of the current offers….

Angeethi   –   2 courses + drink for £11.95
Marco Polo   –   3 courses for only £9.95 
Electric East   –   2 tapas for £10
Piccolino   –   3 courses for only £15 
Peace & Loaf   –   2 Courses, Side + Drink for £15.95
Gusto   –   Lunch course + drink for £9.95
Restaurant DH1   –   3 Courses for 2
Cafe Bangla   –   3 Courses for £10
The Border Minstrel   –   2 for 1 Tuesday’s
The Border Minstrel   –   2 Border Burgers for £10
Prima   –   3 courses for £9.95
Lorelei   –   Steak Dinner + Cocktail for £15
Antico   –   Free Bottle of Wine
Sabatini   –   3 courses for £11.95
The Northumbrian Piper   –   2 Courses For £12

My only wish for the future is going to be more restaurants in Durham but as I very proud born and raised Durham-er, I’m biased!!!

Have you taken advantage of Dined Out yet? Which offers take your fancy?

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Food Friday : The Carved Angel Pickles

Food Friday : The Carved Angel Pickles

Hello Lovelies,

At the recent Living North fair, Mother Tramp and I must have sampled every pickle and relish known to man. One stuck out above and beyond all others.

Gunpowder, by The Carved Angel, is labelled as a hot garlic pickle but is anything but hot. Garlicky, yes. Hot, no. Maybe I was expecting something H.O.T.T hot. It matters not! Gunpowder delivers a delicate dose of spice and a heavy hit of garlic that doesn’t over power yet doesn’t lack punch.

The Carved Angel, based in Devon, started like as a restaurant in 1974 opened by Joyce Molyneux before moving in to the food-for-home market.

I like to lash this on to a cheese sandwich or toasty or with grilled meats to give a kick while Mr Tramp enjoyed Gunpowder stirred in to some gravy.

Priced at £3.95, you can order online HERE or track down The Carved Angel at a local fair, which are listed here.

As I am typing this I have some smoked cheese, crackers and a heavy dollop of Gunpowder on the side. I am addicted!!

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