Food Friday : The Carved Angel Pickles

Food Friday : The Carved Angel Pickles

Hello Lovelies,

At the recent Living North fair, Mother Tramp and I must have sampled every pickle and relish known to man. One stuck out above and beyond all others.

Gunpowder, by The Carved Angel, is labelled as a hot garlic pickle but is anything but hot. Garlicky, yes. Hot, no. Maybe I was expecting something H.O.T.T hot. It matters not! Gunpowder delivers a delicate dose of spice and a heavy hit of garlic that doesn’t over power yet doesn’t lack punch.

The Carved Angel, based in Devon, started like as a restaurant in 1974 opened by Joyce Molyneux before moving in to the food-for-home market.

I like to lash this on to a cheese sandwich or toasty or with grilled meats to give a kick while Mr Tramp enjoyed Gunpowder stirred in to some gravy.

Priced at £3.95, you can order online HERE or track down The Carved Angel at a local fair, which are listed here.

As I am typing this I have some smoked cheese, crackers and a heavy dollop of Gunpowder on the side. I am addicted!!

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