Food Friday : – Newcastle’s new restaurant offer website

Food Friday : – Newcastle’s new restaurant offer website

Hello Lovelies,

If you are a foodie in the North East, you may well have already heard about Dined Out ( which is an exclusive offers website allowing us to sign up, take advantage of some great local offers in and around Newcastle and then book a table directly through the website!

A one stop foodie bargain shop created by two students from Newcastle with the aim to usurp the use of traditional paper restaurant vouchers. This is a great idea because to be fair, you are sometimes made to feel a bit bad about handing a money off coupon in a nice restaurant!

Free to join and with a small nominal reservation fee, Dined Out’s exclusive deals are growing and I can well see most of the restaurants in Newcastle will be clamouring to get on board!

I personally love the option to leave a review for each venue too.

Here is a selection of the current offers….

Angeethi   –   2 courses + drink for £11.95
Marco Polo   –   3 courses for only £9.95 
Electric East   –   2 tapas for £10
Piccolino   –   3 courses for only £15 
Peace & Loaf   –   2 Courses, Side + Drink for £15.95
Gusto   –   Lunch course + drink for £9.95
Restaurant DH1   –   3 Courses for 2
Cafe Bangla   –   3 Courses for £10
The Border Minstrel   –   2 for 1 Tuesday’s
The Border Minstrel   –   2 Border Burgers for £10
Prima   –   3 courses for £9.95
Lorelei   –   Steak Dinner + Cocktail for £15
Antico   –   Free Bottle of Wine
Sabatini   –   3 courses for £11.95
The Northumbrian Piper   –   2 Courses For £12

My only wish for the future is going to be more restaurants in Durham but as I very proud born and raised Durham-er, I’m biased!!!

Have you taken advantage of Dined Out yet? Which offers take your fancy?

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