Food Friday : DIY Double Decadence Easter Treats

Food Friday : DIY Double Decadence Easter Treats

Hello Lovelies,

This weeks Food Friday is a topical treat for Good Friday.

I am not a great fan of chocolate but Mr Tramp certainly is and I made this for him as a pre Easter treat.

You can of course use any kind of hollow egg, I just happened to have this one to hand as it was a gift for work and the cup made a handy base!

To make this more suitable to your taste and needs, substitute the milk for your choice as well as angel delight brand and flavour.


Hollow chocolate egg
Chocolate angel delight


Sharp knife
Mixing bowl

1. Carefully unwrap your hollow egg to expose the pointed end and balance the egg in the cup so that it is secure 

2. Gently warm your knife in the gas hob or in some boiling water and then ‘crack’ the top off the egg in one piece

3. Following the instructions for the pudding, whisk well and transfer to a jug to allow you to pour the mix in to the hollow egg. Fill the egg to the very top

4. Warm your knife again and run it over the rim of the egg to melt slightly. Whilst melted, place the lid back on and refrigerate to set.

5. Chill for up to an hour and re-wrap in the foil. 

You can go to town with switching up the flavours and sizes of egg. From individual bite size eggs to huge giant 30cm monsters!

Enjoy and be sure you Tweet me any pictures if you give this ago using the hashtag #FoodFridayDIY to @ladyfromatramp

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  1. 18th April 2014 / 12:02 pm

    Damn just seen this need angel delight now

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