Keeping the family budget in check: Save on your energy bills with these straightforward tips

Energy Bills

Are we just starting to see the first peeks of Spring in the air? Have you been working from home with the heating on all Winter? The energy bills sure do rack up don’t they?

We’ve recently moved from a nicely insulated new build in to a drafty 100yr old house so all winter we have had one eye on the energy bill as it certainly is worry for a lot of us working from home so here are few more money saving tips…..

We’re all looking for ways to save a little money each month. Perhaps you’re shopping at a cheaper supermarket, buying clothes second hand, maybe you’ve swapped your car for a bicycle, or you’re making a meal once to eat it twice. All of these little changes can add up to big savings, and if you approach your energy bills with the same gusto and dedication, you can save even more money on your utilities.  

Keeping your family budget in check is important in today’s economic climate, whether you’re worried about your job or you want to save a little more for a rainy day, cutting your energy bills and using those savings elsewhere will help provide the financial safety net you need. Read on for some straightforward tips to help you save on your energy bills.

Upgrade your boiler

If you don’t have the right boiler in your home you could have inadequate heating, not enough hot water, and incredibly high energy bills. All of this can quickly drain your monthly income and leave you in a financial quandary. Switching to a combi boiler could be the answer. Click the link for the best boiler for a 3 bedroom home. There are plenty of options when it comes to replacing your boiler, but you should take the size of your home into consideration, as well as a warranty and insurance for total peace of mind.

Keep your fridge and freezer shut – and full!

Maybe one of the kids grabbed some juice and left the fridge door open – it’s a simple and common mistake but little oversights like these can increase your energy bills and hurt your wallet. Ensuring your fridge and freezer doors are always shut means they’ll use less energy to recondition themselves back to their set temperature.  

Plus, keeping your fridge/freezer full means cold air is unable to escape and increase the temperature when the door is open. 

Let the sun inside

During the winter months, we like to play it safe and keep the heating on high. It might keep us warm, but the consequential bill will send shivers down your spine. Before you turn up the heat in the mornings, open your curtains and let the sun naturally heat your rooms for you. On an evening make sure your curtains are closed so you can retain as much heat as possible. 

Say goodbye to your dishwasher

It’s a big ask but unplugging your dishwasher and cleaning dishes by hand will save you money on your electricity bills. Of course, this could mean an increase in your water bill, so research which option is best for you and your circumstances.

Only wash full loads

Cutting back on your energy consumption will reduce energy costs. So, when it comes to washing clothes and laundry, only turn on your machine when your drum is full. 

Plus – washing at a lower temperature will also reduce costs. If you’re concerned about bacteria, consider adding an antibacterial gel to your wash. 

Final thoughts…

Making simple changes to your habits will have a beneficial impact on your energy bills and help you keep your family budget in check. Consider the suggestions above and start today. 

Will you be making a helpful change to your energy bill with these tips? I can’t bear the thought of not using my dishwasher so I’d best go and buy us some extra cosy jumpers instead!

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