Little ways to save money that you probably haven’t thought of yet!

Little ways to save money that you probably haven’t thought of yet!

Another day, another post on how to save money right? But lets face it, we are all saving our pennies now where we can in the hopes we can spend them all in the summer on holidays, pub trips, weekends away and shopping in actual real life shops. Ah what memories!

One thing I have had to spend a lot more money on is printing stuff at home. I am firmly in the ‘print this at work’ camp so now I’ve had to print things myself, I am resenting every single Amazon Return slip I print out!!

But here are some more little ways to save money that you probably haven’t thought of yet!

You’re working through your debts, you’ve signed up to every cashback site you know, you’re shopping at budget supermarkets and you’ve swapped the car for your bicycle. When we’re looking for effective ways to save money then these are the familiar pieces of information we hear again and again. 

Of course, if you’re in a position to implement them, then you’re likely to save some extra cash every month, but if you’re still searching for ways to squeeze every penny or if you’re saving for something specific, then it’s worth remembering that it’s the little savings that add up to big bucks.

A penny saved is a penny made! So, read on to discover some little ways to save money that you probably haven’t thought of yet. 

Home office essentials

Whether you’re printing off home-schooling sheets for the kids, or you’re printing off files for work in your home office, we can all agree that printer ink is currently a necessary expense. If the cost of printer ink makes you gasp, then don’t fret, you can find Epson ink here at incredibly competitive prices. You can even get 10% off your first order and take advantage of monthly deals. Finding yourself a reputable and competitive ink cartridge supplier will certainly help you save money on your printing habits. 

Look for “best before dates”

You may have already changed your shopping habits and are familiar with chains such as Aldi and Lidl, however, you could be saving even more money through your weekly shop. All produce will have a “best before” and a “use by date”. While the “use by date” means it shouldn’t be consumed after the given date, products approaching their “best before” date are perfectly safe to eat. This produce is often sold at incredibly low discounts when nearing the cut off date, so you have the potential to cut your shopping bill even further.

Haggle on everything 

From your utility bills to your phone and broadband contract, even your rent, if you don’t ask – you don’t get! For example, a quick chat with your landlord will tell you if they can slash your rent costs any further. Get into the habit of haggling over the phone with other service providers, as this could help you save even more, especially if you have contracts that are up for renewal. For some, the idea of haggling is terrifying, but it’s a perfectly legal practice and if you don’t try – you’ll never know.

Check out the ‘World Food’ aisle

Supermarket stock is incredibly diverse so don’t walk past the World Food aisle without picking up a bargain. You’ll find cupboard staples such as pasta, lentils, rice, beans and even meats available here at considerably lower prices. The only difference? The brand name!

Ditch your TV licence

More of us than ever before are streaming content. If you rarely watch traditional TV and prefer the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime, then ditch your TV licence. If you don’t need it, get rid of it!

And finally, abandon those online shopping carts

Whether you’re buying your weekly food shop, clothes or other essentials, don’t be too quick to hit the checkout. Filling your online cart and then abandoning it often leads to retailers prompting you to go through with your purchase and offering you a discount code if you do. It takes some forward planning, but there are savings to be made! 

When we moved house in October, we ditched our TV licence AND Sky TV, moving to just home internet and our online streaming services. It took a lot of getting used to as you can’t just flick the tv on for some back ground noise.

I also recently haggled the price down on a new set of tyres, getting the garage to match the online price. It only saved me £25 but when buying 4 tyres, it’s all about those small wins.

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