Saving money to travel

Saving money to travel

It’s only a days until my next travel adventure but I already have my eyes on another trip after that.

To maximise my money and make more trips possible, I try to cut costs and save money where I can. I bought a new coffee machine to stop me buying take away coffee and the saving was significant.

Everybody wants to travel more.

It doesn’t matter if you are a jet setter who strikes things off your bucket list with each passing month, or a work-a-day traveler who only enjoys a couple short holidays a year: it’s never enough.

Travel is so magical that one fantastic trip fuels another and one great experience abroad leads you to look for the next.

So why don’t most of us travel as much as we would like to? Time off from work is one reason, commitments to people and pets is another, but the biggest roadblock to taking flights of fancy is usually funding.

Yes, it often comes down to money, but if you use the following five tips you will be able to put a few pounds aside without sacrificing many of life’s little luxuries.

Coffee Week 11th - 17th April

A Latte Goes a Long Way

Coffee always ends up being the first thing to come up on lists like this. The typical suggestion will be to sacrifice your daily cup of takeaway joe and instead stash away the money towards savings.

But what about at home? Well, a great way to save some cash is to think outside the box when it comes to capsules. If you read this alternative to Nespresso capsules review you will find that many other brands come out on top in regards to flavour and taste and are almost always cheaper. Pocket that cash towards your next trip without losing any of the coffee quality.

Saving for Travel

Rent Your Research

There’s no better way to get primed for an upcoming trip than thumbing the pages of a guidebook or travel magazine and once on holiday, there’s no more relaxing an experience than reading beside the pool or inside a hammock.

But why buy books when you can pick them up at the library for free? Most libraries are stacked with shelves of travel books and magazines and many offer apps where titles can be downloaded on a smartphone or tablet (which also means less luggage!).  

Skip the Take Away Before You Go Away

With the emergence of Deliveroo, Just Eat and Hungry House, ordering a takeaway has gotten so much easier in recent years; these days, they are just a click away. If you are looking to save money for travel, just resist hitting that button and instead cook from scratch at home.

It may sound boring, but it won’t be if you explore the cuisine of the country or place you are hoping to visit as it will serve to get you even more excited for the trip. And, as cooking from scratch is typically healthier than a high street takeaway, you are bound to like the results you see in the mirror as well.

Clean out the Closet

We all have those clothing items that just hang around the closet year after year. They may get tried on from time to time, but they just never get worn out. So use saving money for travel to be the impetus to send them on their way and earn a few pounds while you are at it. There are so many boot-sale apps available these days, as well as mainstays like eBay, that it’s easier to sell your things than ever before.

The same goes for pretty much anything you have laying around the house. We are talking about stuff that was just turning into clutter, nothing you were using anyway, so why not turn it into cash?

Reach For Rewards

Even if you haven’t been convinced by any of the above previous suggestions and just aren’t up for changing your normal routine at all, all hope is not lost.

You can still spend as you normally do and squirrel away a little something towards travel. How? Through a credit card that offers travel rewards. In fact, this is one of the secret weapons of many global travellers.

Simply use it to pay for all of your everyday purchases, such as grocery shopping and utility bills (of course making sure that you pay the bill off in full each month to avoid charges) and then just watch the travel miles tot up.

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