Kate Spade Ma Cherie Lane Bag

Kate Spade Ma Cherie

You know I have a bit of a thing for Kate Spade bags but behold this beauty! The Kate Spade Ma Cherie bag is so fun!

Not to everyone’s taste, the Kate Spade Ma Cherie bag (£325) uses the Lane design from the line to inject fun in to a classic black bag.

Made from a sturdy textured leather, the bag has a plain black side and an embellished blingy side so you can flip them over as you feel.  I usually wouldn’t go for something quite in your face but the choice of applique just spoke to my kitsch heart!

Kate Spade Ma Cherie

The Kate Spade Ma Cherie – It’s like the mullet of handbags, business at the front PARTY at the back!

Kate Spade Ma Cherie

Coming with a long shoulder strap and the shorter grab handles, this is a flexible handbag and a real statement investment piece for your handbag wardrobe. The only downside for me is that the gold hardware studs on the bottom of the bag don’t feel big enough to be protective, i’ll just have to be careful.

Kate Spade Ma Cherie

I am STILL kicking myself for not getting the big cat handbag from Kate Spade for my crazy cat lady side.

You can see the rest of my Kate Spade blog posts HERE on the website. It’s a quirky brand that delivers high quality and fun for all.

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