Broom House Farm Coffee Shop, Durham

Broom House Farm

Rarely does an eatery get a follow up review here on the website but every now and then something special comes along. This is the second time Broom House Farm has made an appearance and you know what, it probably wont be the last as I am continuously impressed.

With views looking out over the forest and Durham beyond, the Broom House Farm Coffee Shop is the tastiest place to be. You can read my previous review HERE but today is all about the Eggs Benedict.

Tucked away on a working farm in Witton Gilbert, Broom House Farm offers up fun for all of the family. Cutesy animals, a farm shop, the delicious coffee shop and a myriad of outdoor activities to keep the kids entertained.

So, Eggs Benedict. A fairly standard breakfast choice right? Well if you eat it regularly enough you know whats good.  The shredded ham is melt in your mouth soft and perfectly salty while the farm fresh eggs burst to the brightest golden yellow you could imagine.

Broom House Farm

A simple dish, yeah but just executed so well it deserves a post all of its own. As it’s my local breakfast hotspot I am slowly dragging everyone I know down to visit for the dish.

Just this last weekend the lush LB from Proper Scrumptious came for a treat.

If the eggs aren’t your style then they put out a bloody good full English with local and on site ingredients. And if they wasn’t good enough, they serve up a cracking coffee and London Fog.

Broom House Farm

The staff are all sweethearts and this place really does deserve to be written about more. I just hope the more word spreads, they reserve my table every week!

Broom House Farm

If you are in the area or fancy a jaunt for brunch and a walk in the countryside, Broom House Farm is the place for you.

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