On Wednesdays we wear ……. pink trainers

Pink Trainers

I’m using a Mean Girls quote here but I am a firm believer that there’s a place for pink trainers in my life 7 days a week ao I am loving that I have a bargain pair to show you today!

I think I have documented my love hate relationship with Converse before here on Lady From A Tramp. I want to love them, but they hate me. No matter what I try, they shred my heels to pieces so I have given up. I have been obsessed with my white look-a-likes from Skechers (Reviewed HERE) but I think they have been discontinued as they have vanished!

Where does that leave me with my yearning for lo-tops? I have been searching for ‘inspired by’ trainers and found a lot of them to be too clearly a knock off copy of Converse and that’s just not my style. No shade to you if that’s your thing but they just don’t work for me.

Pink Trainers

I spotted these pink trainers in Asda for £8. Can you believe it? £8!  They are gorgeous salmon pink colour which is bright enough to pop for summer with light summer colours but muted enough to wear with black.

Pink Trainers

The George branded Asda pink trainers aren’t as narrow as other baseball lo-tops so my wide foot is quite comfortable but to be sure, I did size up so I could wear socks with them for comfort.

Pink Trainers

I have been styling the pink trainers with an all black rock chick inspired outfit as I like the balance. The slashed distressed tee is from Yours Clothing and the rolled up skinny black trousers are New Look Curves. Sling on a black leather jacket for the rain and I am sorted.

Pink Trainers

The pink trainers give my outfit a pop of colour without being too girly or cutesy. I think if you paired them with some denim cut offs or a floral sun dress you’d get a really pretty summer vibe.

For £8, even if you own Converse you can’t go wrong with adding these pink trainers to your wardrobe for mixing up your shoe style.

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  1. 25th August 2017 / 2:23 pm

    Like you say, not a bad addition to your shoe closet for £8. You can beat the original pink All Stars but for a peachy low-top, these are pretty good!

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