5 Software Programs That Help You Pass Your Driving Test In The UK Quickly

Learning to Drive

It is 17 years since I learned to drive. Jesus where has that time gone? My Neighbours youngest son is just learning to drive now and I remember him just being a little kid, so I feel very old!

Driving and cars are my passion and it’s one I share with my Husband and my family – thankfully – so I am always patient and kind to learner drivers out on the road. We ALL learned once.

If you are taking your first lessons this summer, I have 5 top tips for techy assistance whilst learning.

It is not easy to pass your driving test in the UK. After all, the driving pass rate in the UK is only 47 percent. Therefore, you should use all the help you can get. Luckily, we live in a contemporary world where we have access to services and products that benefit from the latest technology, making everything accessible and achievable, in turn, expediting our progress.

Many software programs have been created to help us pass our driving test. These software programs have been specifically designed to assist learners in studying for their written test and help them pass the practical driving test. So, what do these software programs do? Well, they provide knowledge on the general safety of the vehicle and information on road safety all the while making the learning experience a fun experience. Using these following software programs will undoubtedly help you pass your driving test quickly!

  1. Car Test: Hazard Perception CGI

The Car Test: Hazard Perception CGI is indeed a wonderful software program. The Hazard perception test will have you identifying potential hazards on the road. You will be shown 14 video clips of around a minute each, that will have developing road hazards. You will need to identify the developing hazards as soon as possible as the faster you identify the developing hazard, the higher the score you obtain. Therefore, the test can be quite tricky. However, with the Car Test: Hazard Perception CGI, you can prepare for the test while on your smartphone. The software program features revision clips which works similarly to the real deal.

  1. Driving Test Success

The driving test success software program allows you to take a mock theory test. Just like in the actual test, you will be given 57 minutes to answer 50 questions. You can also select question sets that focus on a particular category you would like to focus on. Therefore, if you have spare time on your hands, you can consider using this software program.

  1. Virtual Learn-Manoeuvres

Unlike other driving software programs that only focus on the theoretical aspects of the driving test, the virtual learn-manoeuvres, as its title suggests, actually helps you learn what you have to do, where you need to look, and move when driving in a particular way, whether it be while making three-point turns, or while parking parallel. You will be provided with videos that show you how it is done from all angles.

  1. Drive Coach

The application, Drive Coach, is a remarkable software program. The application works well with all smartphone devices and it uses the device’s GPS system to scrutinise your driving abilities. The application will then give you scores on the basis of your turns, braking, and acceleration. Drive Coach will undoubtedly help you brake like a veteran driver and turn like a professional. Since the application is developed by a provider of car insurance, AXA, you will not be troubled and trailed by pestering brokers; you can easily use the application without providing any personal details.

  1. Using a cancellation checker

Living in the contemporary world does have its benefits; we have the option of using the efficient software, cancellation checker. What does it do? Well, the software allows you to check for practical driving test cancellations round the clock wherever you are. The software automatically searches for slots from the DVSA site and locates the slots that meet your requirement, in turn, saving you invaluable time.

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