Do you need a Digital Detox?

DIgital Detox

How many times did you check your phone or social media this morning? I’m quite ashamed to admit how many but working in a digital environment it is crucial for me. I don’t like the dependency though, it’s almost like an obsession. I think I could do with a cold hard Digital Detox.

Every so often, we try to harness those simpler times when there wasn’t internet or smart phones and the barrage of social apps and have tech-free days. We feel more connected, relaxed and ultimately more productive when we log back on as we have been banking ideas and notes. Paul always does better than me. By the time he gets home from work he is sick of looking at computers and being tied to his work phone so he is always quite happy to shut things down. I don’t fair quite so well!

If a Digital Detox sounds right up your street, Time To Log Off run week long Digital Detox Retreats┬áto beautiful sunny spots to really help you relax and regroup. If a week of meditation and wondering what Jackie from 2 doors down is up to on Facebook isn’t your kind of thing, then why not take part in their Digital Detox Challenge?


Some of the days in the challenge really won’t work for me but I am going to try most of them. I don’t think I could handle work if I deleted emails and SM apps from my phone!

I am looking to being a bit disconnected when we go on our road trip soon. We will have limited data connection on our phones and will have to rely on Wi-Fi as and when we find it for uploading pictures! I have set my work to schedule while I am away so that is more less worry!

Would you survive a Digital Detox?

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