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It’s fast approaching my trip to Amsterdam with my Mam for our birthdays. As you will remember from my post HERE about being scared of boats, now I have conquered this fear, I consider myself an official sailor.

Given that some of my most memorable holidays have included a boat ride, I definitely think a city cruise around Amsterdam is in order to see all the sites but I have been grilling everyone for their top must-see’s in Amsterdam……

Top 3 things to do in Amsterdam

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Each year, millions of people visit Amsterdam, one of the most iconic cities in Europe. The Netherland’s metropolitan capital is a hub of culture and its nightlife is renowned across Europe, so it’s no surprise that it remains so popular with tourists. If you’re one of the many people planning a visit to Amsterdam this year, here’s my top pick of things to do.

A walk through the streets 

A stroll around this wonderful city is the first thing I would recommend to anyone on their first visit. This will reveal the Amsterdam’s iconic canals, which are criss-crossed with picturesque little bridges, as well its beautiful 17th-century architecture. A stop for some refreshments at one of the quaint cafes will give you an excellent opportunity to enjoy some people watching, and a few hours spent soaking in the atmosphere is a perfect way to unwind from your day-to-day life.


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For the more adventurous, a bike ride along the streets of the capital is a quintessential Amsterdam experience. There are literally hundreds of places you can rent a bicycle from to enjoy the city at the pace locals are accustomed to, and you can find a range of bike tours on It’s a bit of a running joke in my family that my Mam can’t stop on a bike. Every time she does she falls off…. maybe cycling isn’t the one for us. I don’t fancy fishing my 63yr old Mother AND her bike out of a canal!

The museums

Simply put, Amsterdam is an art-lovers dream, with the Rijksmusuem housing masterpieces from artists such as Rubens and Vermeer, and the Stedelijk Museum showcasing some of the best modern art Europe has to offer. Van Gogh and Rembrandt, two of the most prominent artists in European history and Amsterdam natives, are both honoured with dedicated museums, neither of which are to be missed. Get access to all of these museums and more with an Amsterdam Museumkart, which you can buy online in advance here. We’ll probably end up in the Sex Museum just for a giggle – it would be a shame not to give it a shot… this trip isn’t going to be overly high brow!

A trip along the Dutch waterways

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The Netherlands is famous for its beautiful waterways, and you’d be missing out if you went all the way to Amsterdam without experiencing them. They’re also the perfect springboard from which you can explore some of Europe’s most iconic cities. A great way of experiencing both the waterways and some more of the continent’s best cities is the Amsterdam, Brussels, Antwerp and Ghent cruise from The River Cruise Line. This 7-day round trip will take you to several European highlights, and at each stop you can enjoy an excellent optional excursion. I know I haven’t even got this trip out of the way yet but I am already stalking the cruises along the Rhine and Moselle as Germany is the most beautiful place in Europe I have been Koblenz and Cologne will forever have my heart and I hope next year I can convince Mr Tramp to finally visit as he hasn’t been.

Have you been to Amsterdam? What are your top tips? Send them my way!

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