Road Trippin’ and California Dreamin’

Road Trippin and Californian Dreamin

I love a good holiday, you may have been able to tell. I never need persuading to book up. Following on from our American road trip for my 30th back in 2013, we are off on another adventure to California.

It’s been months in the planning, to work out the perfect route starting in California and the best time of year to do it.

May 2016 will see us driving over 2,000 miles across the Western coast of America taking in 5 states and all the major pit stops along the way such as San Francisco, San Luis Obispo, LA, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Monument Valley, Route 66, Moab, The Rockies and Denver.

Road Trippin and Californian Dreamin 2

Everything is all booked except the hire car as Paul just cannot make his mind up! Men eh!

We are so excited and I’m not going to lie, the planning and researching is my favourite part!

We use the Roadtrippers website to plan our trips. 

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