Dancing shoes from New Look

New Look Glittery Boots

Check these beauties out!  Black glittery boots for dancing the night away at Christmas.

I am utterly obsessed with them and I can’t wait for my first party of the season to whip them out at. Although, how soon is too soon for party shoes?

New Look Glittery Boots 2

I attend a lot of industry networking events in the festive season and it’s sometimes not appropriate to wear full on party glitz but these boots will be a little nod to the festive season. Paired with jeans and a nice top, I think it’s just the right amount of pzazz.

They are £29.99 from New Look and are also available in dark silver.

I’m currently wearing mine as I type this, with my leopard print tracksuit bottoms in my office to make sure they are broken in for dancing in to the wee hours this Christmas.


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