Furnace Creek Ranch, Death Valley

Furnace Creek Ranch Death Valley

The heat wave England is currently enduring is nothing compared to our visit to Furnace Creek Ranch. Death Valley is listed as the hottest place on earth and let me tell you, it was.  Our little bit of oasis in the fierce heat was Furnace Creek Ranch and their pool!

Built in 1933, Furnace Creek Ranch has captured and built on a country + western, cowboy, gold prospector feel. It may sound odd on paper but when you see it, it is totally befitting Death Valley. Death Valley is littered with ghost towns and left overs from the mining boom.

Furnace Creek Ranch Death Valley

Accommodation is split between cabins and rooms as well as camp grounds. We stayed in a wood cabin near the front of the property which meant the facilities were close. Trust me, in this heat you’ll appreciate that!

Furnace Creek Ranch Death Valley

The Cabins have that cutesy stereotypical cabin in the woods feel, with rocking chairs on the porch – and sweet sweet air conditioning inside! The cabins aren’t new, they aren’t modern and they aren’t luxury but for one of those “must visit” places, who cares? They are clean, tidy and very comfortable. As long as there’s air con and a coffee machine, we were sorted!

Furnace Creek Ranch Death Valley

As Death Valley became a hub of industry thanks to the Borox Mines, their decline gave way to the opening of the Furnace Creek Ranch in the same year that Death Valley was declared a national monument.

On site there’s a small Borox musuem to chart the history of the industry as well as a train section to pay homage to the Death Valley Railroad.

Furnace Creek Ranch Death Valley

There’s 2 restaurants on site, a bar, convenience store and most importantly a swimming pool. In the high heat of the day, there’s nothing better than sitting in a swimming pool to cool off. The pool is spring fed from local sources and the best bit, it’s so hot you don’t need to use a towel to dry off!

Furnace Creek Ranch Death Valley

If you are visiting Death Valley, be sure to visit Furnace Creek Ranch for a look around and a drink. It’s so great we keep going back!

Image 4 +6 from Furnace Creek Ranch website.


    • Katie
      23rd June 2017 / 7:13 am

      Genuinely hotter than hell. I think my sweat was sweating! It was so hot, you couldn’t keep the air con on in the car in case it overheated and you broke down.


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