Summer Holiday

Planning your summer holiday is so exciting; it really whets your appetite for what’s to come. But being faced with so many options can be daunting: destination, type of accommodation, and whether to lean more towards cultural or sloth-on-the-beach type holiday. Taking two-week breaks can be a big investment, so how can you push the odds in your favour that your trip will be a success? The following travel tips should help you enjoy a holiday that ticks all the boxes.

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USA Road Trip 2017

I am less than 1 week away from this years USA road trip holiday and I am giddy with excitement.  My suitcase is getting closer and closer to the front door as the days go by, I am ready for the break!  Unlike my last trip away, it’s just the Husband and I this time. 2 weeks and the open road ahead.

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Learning to Drive

It is 17 years since I learned to drive. Jesus where has that time gone? My Neighbours youngest son is just learning to drive now and I remember him just being a little kid, so I feel very old!

Driving and cars are my passion and it’s one I share with my Husband and my family – thankfully – so I am always patient and kind to learner drivers out on the road. We ALL learned once.

If you are taking your first lessons this summer, I have 5 top tips for techy assistance whilst learning.

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Blonde Hair

If you throw it back to last year, I was struggling to grow out that god awful root stretch that a stylist had cursed me with. Then I found a new salon and the blonde was back. Not only have I found the best salon in Newcastle, I have had a change around with my hair and gone darker this weekend!

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Cheese Posties Review

A cheese toastie is one of those basic comfort foods that we all love. The gooey melty cheese in warm buttery bread. Imagine getting a cheese toastie through the door every week? That is precisely what Cheese Posties offer. Delivered cheesy delights.

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