Dog Friendly North East

Dog Friendly North East

As you may….or may not know if you don’t follow me on Instagram – our family has expanded.

After the loss of our first cat, Sir James Tiberius….. or Jamie on a good day, we finally made the moves and welcomed a tiny puppy in to the gang.

Our newest arrival has got us revisiting a lot of our favourite foodie and beer spots and really seeing them with a new persepective…..

Dog Friendly North East

Not all dog friendly places are made equal

We know a lot of places boast that they are dog friendly – but are they really? The answer is no!

Now that our English Springer Spaniel Walter is old enough to adventure with us, we are scoping out as many dog friendly places as we can and giving you the low down on if they really are dog friendly.

You can see our progress so far over in a highlight at MY INSTAGRAM and of course, Walters’ very own instagram

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