Creative Ways to Share and Preserve your Favourite Summer Moments

Creative Ways to Share and Preserve your Favourite Summer Moments

Life is full of unexpected and wonderful moments, and we must do all we can to capture these memories so we can enjoy them today, and look back on them later in life. The summer months are the perfect time to create and capture some great family moments, whether it’s family holidays and a once in a lifetime trip, or you want to highlight the beauty in the mundane and cherish that night you and your friends came together, days out with the kids, ice cream on the beach, days at the lake…the possibilities are endless, but as memories fade and recollections differ, sharing and preserving these moments is essential and will ensure these memories are shared for generations to come.

In this post, we’ll explore some creative ways you can share and preserve your favourite summer moments. Read on to find out more.

Keep it classic with some perfectly framed prints

Sometimes the simplest solutions are often the best ones. Unfortunately, most of us are guilty of taking incredible photos and capturing beautiful moments, but only sharing them on social media, or forgetting about them once they’re saved in our camera roll. By choosing framed prints online, you can ensure these memories are shared and preserved for years to come, all you have to do is choose the photo you want and the matching frame and you’ll receive both. No more hunting for the right frame and getting it wrong, just straightforward measurements and beautifully mounted photographs.

Whether you decorate the living room, create a gallery wall leading up the stairs, or you decide between one or two moments to place on your desk at home, showcasing your summer memories in a beautiful frame is a simple and elegant choice.

Start a memory blog

If you want to keep your photos and memories safe and accessible then why not create a memory blog? Rather than storing your photos in a soulless and dull cloud, you could set up a blog and document these days in detail. Starting a personal blog doesn’t mean you have to share it with the whole world, just provide access to friends and family, who may also want to add their own photographs and memories over time. Consider it your digital scrapbook!

Create home vides

Remember those old home movies that were grainy and a little fuzzy? No filters and no poses, just people living in the moment? It is possible to recreate these memories, but take full advantage of today’s technology to improve the quality and the shareability of these moments. You could edit together snippets of video footage you have on your phone, or vlog an entire vacation and share the edited and completed version with friends and family. The possibilities are endless!

Final Thoughts…

Preserving happy memories and moments we cherish is important, it makes us feel content and loved, something which is crucial for your mental health and wellbeing. Consider these options above to start preserving your favourite summer memories. 

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