Kogarashi Bao Buns

Kogarashi Bao Buns

If you’ve taken a wander through either Tynemouth Market or the Quayside market of late, you’ll have spotted Kogarashi.

The lovely bun slingers have found themselves a new permanent home in Newcastle.

With a literal translation of Kogarashi meaning cold wintery wind, there’s no more fitting place for the foodsters to call home in than in Newcastle.

Taking up residence in the Tyne Bank Brewery in a custom built bun shack, the Kogarashi are offering a selection of buns, both meat and vegetarian as well as sides too.

The Tyne Bank Brewery is one of those chill places where everyone is welcome, kids, dogs, goths, hipsters, pensioners – the whole lot. No one is left out and the inclusiveness makes us keep heading back – all the way from Durham!

Expanding the bun menu, there is spring rolls, sweet potato fries and a japanese curry to boot. Perfect for this horrible winter weather we are having!

We visited the new permanent digs for a pint and some fluffy clouds of deliciousness.

At £6.50 for 2 buns, and £6.50-£7.50 for spring rolls, we opted for a Duck Bao and an Oyster Mushroom Bao. Personally, if the buns had been slightly cheaper, i’d have ordered 1 of each on the menu (the Husband’s a cheapskate!) but by god are the delicious.

Packing a punch of flavour from the spiced duck to the fresh coriander and crispy onion garnish, every bite is something new. All wrapped up of course in the bao bun dough.

My favourite is always the mushroom Bao. From the meaty, firm mushroom to the crisp batter, creamy sauce and fluffy bun, I think just about every texture and taste you could want is right there in 1 bun.

My #1 tip is order some spring rolls. They are absolutely incredible, and moreish. Even order 2 portions and munch on them over a few pints. Don’t share them though, you’ll regret sharing.

Kogarashi are serving food over the following hours at Tyne Bank Brewery, alongside their existing market stalls :

Thursday 4pm – 9pm
Friday 12pm – 9pm
Saturday 12pm – 9pm
Sunday 12pm – 6pm

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  1. 12th February 2020 / 9:17 pm

    Sell dont they look delicious?!

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