Chillys Water Bottle

Chillys Water Bottle Tropical Flamingo 500mll

Today, June 19th 2019 is #NationalRefillDay which encourages people to refill their own bottles and avoid single use plastic water bottles. I personally fill up my Chillys Water Bottle as often as I can throughout the day.

Are you in on the water bottle revolution?

Water fountains and amendable cafes and restaurants filling bottles up are much more common place in America and Europe, so why are we so slow to catch up? When was the last time you saw a public water fountain? In England, for me, probably in my Junior school in the early 90s.

In comes the Chillys Water Bottle.

Chillys Water Bottle Tropical Flamingo 500mll

Chillys are on a mission to get everyone to be reusing their drinking bottles instead of using single use bottles.

Founded in 2010, Chillys main goal is to allow people to have cold drinking water and reduce the amount of single use plastics.

Not limiting itself to just water, it keeps juice, milk and ice coffee perfectly chilled all day too thanks to it’s insulated double walled vacuum.

In a Chills Water Bottle, cold drinks stay cold for 24hrs, hot drinks for 12hrs with the stainless steel keeping your hands toasty on cold mornings. When filled with cold water there’s no fear of “bottle sweat” that can end up leaching all over your desk or handbag.

Chillys Water Bottle Tropical Flamingo 500mll

With a design to suit genuinely every taste or style, the logo is a subtle laser engraving. I haven’t even mentioned the sizes yet. Available from a small coffee tumbler right upto a 1.8l size, there’s a bottle for your needs – or in my case, something to fit in my cupholders.

Durable and hardwearing, the Chillys Water Bottle can withstand a fair old amount of use so it’s perfect for walkers or even a childs lunch box.

Chillys Water Bottle Tropical Flamingo 500mll

I have the gorgeous 500ml Flamingo Chillys Water Bottle from the Tropical collection which is perfect for on the go but I have my eye on the 1.8l stainless steel bad boy for staying hydrated at my desk (the kitchen is downstairs!)

If the bottles aren’t your bag and you prefer drinking from a cup, you can buy tumblers as well as a host of accessories to personalise your bottle. Lids are available in a multitude of colours to let you mix and match.

Chillys Water Bottle Tropical Flamingo 500mll

Now don’t get me wrong, there are times and places where you simply cannot get refills and need to purchase a bottle, and that’s ok, but can you work around that and optimise refills as much as you can?

You can download an App to find refill stations near to you but for more information on National Refill Day and the Refill Revolution, check out their website HERE.

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