Lacura Booty Balm

Lacura Booty Balm Review

I’m not a fan of brand dupes but when everyone and their dog have been raving on about the Lacura Booty Balm, I just had to try it.

Does it live up to the hype?

For a princely sum of £6.99, the Lacura Booty Balm is very clearly a dupe for the much loved Sol de Janeiro Bum Bum cream.

Mimicking the iconic rounded yellow pot of the Bum Bum cream, the Lacura Booty Balm has a light tropical fruity scent to get you in the holiday summer spirit.

Lacura Booty Balm Review

Offering hydration and a subtle glow to the skin, the balm isn’t too thick and heavy that it’s cloying in the heat but of course it isn’t as deeply hydrating as a thicker, nourishing cream. It’s a great daily / twice daily lotion.

The tropical summer scent doesn’t over power on the skin and doesn’t cause a clash with fragrance. My room certainly smells like the Lacura Booty Balm long after I have used it, which is a nice summery perk!

Would I recommend the Lacura Booty Balm? Yes – if you shop at Aldi and are looking for a new body lotion. Would I make a point of going to Aldi just to re-stock? No.

I think there are many other brands out there who do great summery body lotions for the same price without being a rip off of an established brand that worked hard on their image. I appreciate people can’t afford the £20+ for the Sol de Janerio cream, I certainly wouldn’t pay it.

Lacura Booty Balm Review

Much like their Pixi dupe or their Sand + Sky dupe, it’s great that budget brands are harnessing these trends and delivering skincare benefits you’d not have access to on a budget in a supermarket BUT, and this is a big BUT – why can’t they create their own brand identity and deliver the same results?

Look at The Ordinary. Affordable skincare providing results the same as some big industry hitters but done in their own way.

Bit of a rant there but on whole, if you shop in Aldi, definitely pick up the Lacura Booty Balm for a tropical hit of summer hydration. It smells like heaven!

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