Tips on an Amazing Trip to Sicily


I’ve been lucky enough to travel throughout Italy but I know I have barely scratched the surface of beautiful places to visit. The Husband has only been to Rome so returning to Italy is high on our to-do list and up at the top is Sicily.

Here are a few handy tips for having an amazing trip to Sicily……

Whether we go in summer or another time of the year, a holiday is the best way to relax. Getting away from the drudgery of the daily routine and seeing somewhere new can make all the difference in your day to day life. Eating local food and maybe even finishing that book you’ve been meaning to read for months are a definite “yes” when you’re on holiday. Italy is of course an increasingly popular holiday destination, for good reason- its weather, food, history, people, and way of living will have you enjoying your holiday to the best. However if you’re looking for a really authentic visit, with some of the best beaches, most delicious traditional dishes and friendly locals- I recommend Sicily.



Southern and full of breathtaking landscapes, Sicily has it all. One of the best examples of what Italy is all about, the island boasts a rich culture, gorgeous beaches, and menus that will leave your taste buds dancing. With many different populations having passed through the Italian island over its long history, the architecture and culture are fascinating. With a special focus on sea life, Sicily is home to a great fisherman culture- so get ready to eat, breathe, and live on an island that will leave you feeling like you’ve lived the sea man’s life over the holidays.


What & Where

The biggest island in the Mediterranean, Sicily has activities for every body. Whether that be: visiting the spectacular smaller islands off of the Sicilian coasts (like the Eolian islands); hiking up a volcano like mt.Etna or Stromboli, walking through The Valley of the Temples and gazing up at 8 temples that date back to 510 BC and 430 BC, or simply walking from one extravagant shop to the next in Sicily’s capital, Palermo. Traveling to Sicily means you’re in for a ride, and you will have the opportunity to experience many different dishes, adventures, and outings while you’re there. However, perhaps one of the best things to do in Sicily, is visiting one of the many breathtaking beaches. With its deep blue seas and water as clear as can be, you won’t even be needing a snorkel half of the time.



Choosing a moment to go on holiday may be tricky, but thanks to its wonderful climate, Sicily has great weather all year round- meaning that every moment is perfect for your sicilian getaway! Nevertheless, as most people have holidays in August, this month makes it the most popular time. The weather is hot and sunny and all the beach resorts are full of life, but prices tend to rocket. However, as we’re already in August, if you can it might be worth looking into finding a holiday in Sicily last minute– and focusing on finding a beautiful locally owned villa rather than hotels which will probably be fully booked already.


In case you’re already looking for a plane that will get you to Sicily, keep in mind that booking a car means you will get to travel easily from one sicilian wonder to the next. Also, do keep in mind that Sicily has some of the best beaches in Italy, and that discovering its underwater world is a definite must. So keep a day (or two) open for a scuba diving adventure and/or a boat trip out on the blue seas. I wish you a very happy holiday and am positive Sicily will meet your expectations in everything. Arrivederci!

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