Utopia – BOBS by Skechers

Utopia Bobs by Skechers

You should all know by now that I love me a pair of Skechers. Their bold and quirky styles mixed with their memory foam insoles are just heaven when you are on your feet for a long time.

As much as I am in the Skechers camp, I wish I was in the Converse camp but I find them to be the most uncomfortable shoes ever made. And I have made this expensive mistake several times….

Paul collects Converse which is all nice and fine for him but sometimes I really want to rock the look of a lo top but without having 20 blisters.

When I discovered BOBS by Skechers made a lo top baseball shoe I was over the moon and ordered them immediately with on Amazon.(Hey Prime, Hey!)

With the light padded sole BOBS are known for, the cut of the trainers is slightly wider across the middle of the foot and the toe box which is great for wide feet and the backs don’t dig in as much.

I am over the moon I discovered the Utopia style and now I want them in Red + Black too!

Are you in club Converse or are you in the anti camp like me?

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