Kate Spade Cats Meow Lottie bag

Kate Spade Cats Meow Lottie

Just look at that feline fancy bag. The Kate Spade Cats Meow Lottie bag is perfection for us bag loving cat ladies.

Back in August 2016 I saw the predecessor to the Cats Meow Lottie and fell in love but for some daft reason I didn’t buy it. I thought I’d missed my chance when the collections changed and it vanished.

I’ve had every contact I know near or passing a Kate Spade shop or outlet hunting but it wasnt to be.

Skip forward to Christmas Day when Santa brought me the reimagined Kate Spade Cats Meow Lottie.

Kate Spade Cats Meow Lottie

I’m not going to lie, I actually cried a bit! The Husband did good! Thankfully the cat style had been relaunched. I’d even been lamenting right up until Christmas Eve about “the one that got away”.

Made as ever to the sturdy, high standards you expect from Kate Spade. The bag is plain on the reverse so if you ever find yourself needing a bit of a low key bag you can just flip it and go.

The Lottie family of bag is a great size for every day essentials, a full size purse and even your Kindle.  You can tote it on your arm, carry it in your hand or by the long strap making it a versatile shape from the Kate Spade range – cat print or otherwise.

You can find my other Kate Spade goodies HERE 

Do you love a quirky bag or are you a classic staple bag lover?

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  1. Allison jones
    16th July 2022 / 11:08 am

    I can relate to your listing! I had never heard of Kate Spade until 2 days ago when I picked up a cute bag in my local charity sale. It’s a cat with blue eyes and its super cute from its Spade shaped nose to its embossed blue lining. Not being a handbag collector myself I didn’t know how amazing the rest of her bags were until I searched here name to find a matching purse. I am in love with the stripy crab so now I will save save save, Hahaha

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