Zatchels City Backpack

Zatchels City Backpack

Since I hurt my back last year, I have become obsessed with backpacks. There is very definitely a clear divide in styles though. You have the sporty bags, the zany fun bags and then the mumsy bags.  I struggled to find a new black one that didn’t fit in to those. Roll out my Zatchels City Backpack. Classic. Well made. Bl**dy brilliant.

Avid readers might remember my last Zatchels review here, so it’s no surprise to say I’m a fan of the brand. Their saddle bags are my jam. I’m waiting patiently for a leopard print one.

I grabbed this Zatchels City Backpack in a recent 50% sale and I’m pretty damn in love with it. Combing the classic timeless styling of a satchel with the current hot trend of backpacks, I was on to a winner here.

Deceptively spacious, the website is really detailed about sizings and what you can fit in to their bags, laptop wise. I think that is very helpful when practically trying to choose a new bag. At over £100, it’s an investment so it needs to be right.

The Zatchels City Backpack can be worn as a backback with its detachable straps as well as a shoulder bag with an included single strap. 2 bags in 1! The strong and sturdy grab handle at the top is practical as it gives you a quicker way to grab and go. I’m finding this invaluable at the moment until the leather softens up on the buckles as it takes a little finagling to get in and out in a hurry.

Zatchels City Backpack

Fully leather, the Zatchels City Backpack is strong and sturdy and very well put together. I have really abused some of my other Zatch bags and they are still looking perfect, although I do think some bags look better when they are softened a bit battered. Do you know what I mean?

I bought this with travel in mind as I think it’s a great one bag – all occasions purchase. The structure of the bag stops the straps digging in when fully loaded which will make all day wear easier. The thick sturdy leather and buckles make it harder to dip in to by opportunist thieves and the small upgright shape lets it slip under seats or in overhead bins. Stylish enough for a day in the city, a business meeting or date night, you’ll be sorted.

Zatchels City Backpack

The Zatchels Team should win an award for their lush customer service on social media. I had a few queries about strap length and I was sorted out quick sharp and my order was winging it’s way to me. They’ve even helped me with photos of the leather in daylight when trying to decide on 2 different shades.  How many other brands would deliver that personal service?

My only problem with the Zatchels City Backpack is deciding what colour I want next. Dammit!

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