Vivienne Westwood Kitten Keyring

VIvienne Westwood Kitten Keyring

Meet Lola. That’s what I’ve called my new keyring from Vivienne Westwood. This solid chunk of glittery metal adorns my car keyring and could probably double up as a lethal weapon as it weighs so much!

Back in 2015 Paul bought me a black glittery Vivienne Westwood heart keyring for my car keys and I loved the solid oversized metal addition so much I had to get a new one. The heart has been transplanted to my house keys (geddit, heart transplant!)

VIvienne Westwood Kitten Keyring

The Vivienne Westwood Kitten Keyring is a fairly sizeable chunk of metal. The weight means that my keys are pulled down to the bottom of my handbag so at least I don’t have to fish around for them!

The only downside is my car keys don’t fit in his trouser pocket…. so that means he can’t drive my car – what a shame eh!

VIvienne Westwood Kitten Keyring

A complete princess purchase but as it reminded me so much of my all black kitty Lola, I had to buy it. At least it will last me a good few years! I figure as I carry my car keys everywhere with me, I certainly want them to look pretty!

What keyrings are on your keys?


  1. subanibel
    7th May 2022 / 8:26 pm

    can i buy this off of you?


    • Katie
      3rd August 2022 / 11:15 am


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