The problem women won’t talk about – hair loss

Hair Loss

Us Bloggers are usually a pretty open and honest bunch but there’s 1 touchy subject that for women, no one seems to want to discuss. Or even own up to.

Hair loss.

Hair is a woman’s crowning glory and also the only crown you never take off. I have suffered with hair loss myself and I am not ashamed to admit that….

In 2012 , I went through some pretty big life changing events within a couple of weeks of each other and it took its toll. I handle stress pretty well and my role in the family is chief organiser.

I didn’t think anything of it until I noticed I had developed a small bald patch just below the crown of my hair and a patch behind my ears. I have long, thick hair so it was really upsetting to see but as it was triggered by stress, there wasn’t much I could do about it until everything balanced out. Hair loss through stress is called Alopecia Areata

Thanks to having long hair I was able to hide the 50p sized patch as the hair was growing back but I have tried just about every thickening, texturising or nourishing hair product designed to speed up hair growth and thicken downy hair. A few strategic squirts of dry shampoo and a bit of gentle backcombing works wonders and I have worn extensions to blend in the patch too. I used gentle brushes and followed a few odd old wives tales like rubbing oil and coffee in to my scalp.

I even researched hair transplants in case this was a long term loss. I admit I am vain and shallow and didn’t want to end up wearing a headscarf ¬†or spidery thin hair. With the stigma attached with male celebs getting ‘plugs’ to cling on to their youth (Nicholas Cage I’m looking at you), can you think of any woman who has admitted to having this? There’s been a quick succession of Youtube celebrities undergoing the treatment to correct their hairlines such as Jonathon Joly + Jeffree Star – both of whom have made YT videos about their experiences.

Harley Street in London is world famous for high quality surgeons but not only boosting boobies and plumping up lips. They also treat hair loss thanks to the Harley Street Hair Clinic with their Follicular Unit Extraction aka hair transplant. I’ll not gross you out with the details of the procedure but it is comforting to know that there is options out there. Online consultations are available if you aren’t brave to make the first step in person.

The more people you actually talk to about this, openly, the more people suffer. Whether it is thinning hair along the part line (avoid centre partings and consider shorter layers or a shorter style to disguise it) or hair loss due to medication, pregnancy, illness or poor diet. It takes someone else to open the discussion.

Hair loss 2

The problem area has grown back for me and is now undetectable

I had another flare up in 2014 but not to the same effect but now I have talked to people about it, I know my options and what can be done thanks to modern products and procedures.

There are many wonderful thickening and hair loss prevention products on the high street but if it is a true concern, a chat with your local GP could help with the situation if it is medical based. There are also many support groups on line if you need support.

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