Wize & Ope Light Pop Disco Trainers

Wize & Ope Light Pop Disco Trainers

Everyone has been going made for light up LED trainers of late and Instagram is full of mini videos of people dancing with them on.

Ever the one to jump on the band wagon, I bought myself a pair of what I can only describe as my Vegas Disco Shoes from Wize & Ope.

I picked these up in the Schuh sale for £69.95 which is a considerably large saving on the £160 usual rrp. Magenta patent leather light up trainers just called to me. And I was off work sick and up to my eyeballs on painkillers at the time so that might have had something to do with the purchase. Who knows.

Wize + Ope Light Pop Pink Trainers Review

USB rechargable, with 7 different solid colours and a disco flashing setting, you could match these to just about every occasion. If magenta isn’t your thing, they do come in plain black or white or even a more sporty style.

The only place I could find dark enough to do these bobby dazzlers justice was the windowless Ladies toilets in my office!

I think they are brilliant. Tacky, yes. Childish, yes. But do I care? No. I will most definitely be saving these for my next trip to Vegas which hopefully isn’t too far away.

An Instagram video……

My trainers are better than yours. My new magenta patent light up sneaks from Wize + Ope 🌈💕😂

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There are many ways to make everyone look at you when you enter a room – I choose to have disco feet.


  1. 27th July 2016 / 12:09 pm

    Haha too cool! Great bargain too. They will definitely go down well in Vegas I’m sure!

    • Katie
      27th July 2016 / 7:15 pm

      There’s some very purse friendly black and white ones on ebay for around £20. I’m also tempted by these!

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