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Have you ever coveted a designer bag from a past season or even a decade ago and then mope that you’ll never own it? I have, oh good lord I have, so you can imagine my glee when I discovered

Xupes offer a range of pre-owned luxury items so even if you are on a budget then this is the place for you!

Set up in 2009, Xupes offer a wide range of pre-owned handbags, jewellery, watches and fine art from not only their website but a physical store in Bishop Stortford. I don’t know about you but if I am spending a lot of money, I’d like to be able to see and touch it before hand so a showroom is perfect for that! You can sell your handbags on consignment with the company to make sure you get a good deal, conversely the in-house experts have appraised each item with a keen eye so you can trust their gradings. With this care and honesty, only the finest and most importantly genuine items are accepted. Great piece of mind for the buyer! pre-owned Chanel Bag

Out of everything on the website, I have my eye on this beautiful vintage, pre-owned Chanel bag from 1987! That’s almost as old as me and still as effortlessly classic. I am really tempted. What handbag loving girl wouldn’t want to own an immaculate, vintage Chanel?

Way back in 1987, Karl Lagerfeld was still feeling his way around the brand, after taking over in ’83 which came less than a decade after Coco Chanel’s death. It would be holy grail to find an original bag from his first season, but Xupes is the place to keep an eye out!

As stock levels can vary widely with availability, you can make a purchase with interest free credit as well as the traditional methods. It will help those pre-pay day coveted items escaping your grasp!

If you could have any vintage handbag, what would it be?

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