Travel Apps for Techy Trippers

Travel Apps

I’ve just returned from a city break in Holland and being the tech savvy blogger I am, I relied on my smart phone to get me through so I am showing you some of my Travel Apps.

Being a small business owner, I find it hard to escape the phone, even on holiday but this week I was strict.  I only used my phone for helping us. I always have a home screen with all my travel apps goodies in one place.

It doesn’t necessarily matter when Europe is only an hour ahead, but I like keeping the split clock on view so that I know whether family or clients are up and about to keep track on keeping in touch. It helps me adjust in the first few days if I have jet lag.

I love grabbing quick snaps and selfies with my phone so I love spending time editing and posting them online so I always keep my Camera app, Instagram, Photo Editor and Picframe handy.

Depending on the city or country, Google Maps, destination guides or city apps are always a great way of getting around and discovering cool things to see and do. The city guides are rotated depending on where I am going.

The XE currency conversion app is self explanatory.

I usually keep my British Airways App on there too. Mobile boarding passes and up to the minute flight information is priceless.

Of course i’d be lost without my social media and email, but they are there all the time!

What’s your most used App when you are away from home?

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