New Look Tan Suedette Biker Jacket for Autumn

New Look Suedette Jacket

I have just bought this gorgeous tan suedette biker jacket from New Look Inspire for the princely sum of £39.99. Bargain eh?

I like to eek out my Autumn coats as long as possible and as I don’t feel the cold all that often, I probably get more wear than most out of thin jackets.

I’m not that keen on biker jackets when they are zipped up but I love how they sit when unzipped so that is how I will be wearing it, with rich autumnal tops underneath. Being suedette rather than real suede makes it slightly more wearable for me and of course keeps the costs down too.


Have you picked up any nice autumn jackets yet? show me!


  1. Michelle
    7th October 2015 / 5:41 pm

    Loving this jacket ! Never think to look in new look

    • Katie
      8th October 2015 / 8:12 am

      They are quite hit and miss for things but you do find the odd gem

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