Halloween Party Ideas

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Halloween is coming around the corner. The shops are full of ghoulish masks which will probably give you a facial allergic reaction. You have bought loads of sweets in order to keep the trick and treaters (literally) sweet and also Sellotaped your letterbox in case of one of your visitors wants to inflict a treat of a firework into your house. Kids and teenagers have a rip roaring time at Halloween but what about you – the adult?

What about a game of bobbing the apple but float the apples in fruit cider which everyone is obsessed with right now. What about a scary film at home with ALL the lights out to make it even more terrifying – I guess your electric bill would not be as scary once you receive it in the email you never look at anyway. Another idea is to for everyone to bring in their ‘guilty pleasure’ film and then vote for it – ideally a low rent slasher flick, however this could be a very un-scary choice like Dirty Dancing or Forrest Gump!

You could run a casino night with a roulette wheel where the player has three spins, if two out of three are black they have to reveal a shocking truth about their life which might surprise the group. You could also evolve this game into interesting facts about people in case you have less daring guests. Taking this online at Betway where you could play the best online casino games where you could make your Halloween celebrations even more memorable by ditching your broomstick and winning prizes.


Halloween Sponsored Post
At Lady from a Tramp we try and think of original ideas so for a different Halloween night why not unearth the tents and pitch up in the garden with only Pumpkin candlelight providing an eerie backdrop. For a completely different take on Halloween why not ‘day time community trick or treat’ where you could exchange skills with your friends and neighbours – one person’s nightmare might be your dream come true! Examples could be taking some rubbish to the tip for someone who can’t drive there or perhaps receive some free guidance from a whippersnapper on how to keep up to date with scary new technology or social media. Halloween can be a used as a force for good and dispel the myth that the old man up the street is not a murderous lonely soul but instead is lonely and needs some basic companionship. Halloween parties can be fun, devilish but also a positive activity to bring some warmth to this time of year.


  • Post in collaboration with Abigail Baker

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