Personalised USB Power Bank

USB Power Bank

Workaholic? Fanatical Tweeter? Selfie obsessed? Text mad? If you are even remotely close to any of those you’ll know the absolute gut wrenching feeling of running out of charge when you are out and about. You need a USB Power Bank.

Let’s not even mention having used your full battery on a flight playing Bubble Worlds and then being made to turn it on by security when you land! Not that I’m talking from experience here or anything….. erm…….

Horrible isn’t it?

I run my business both remotely and digitally so I am constantly glued to either my phone or my ipad getting stuff done. Not to mention general social media updates and looking at cat pictures on Instagram. Very important stuff, those pictures.

USB Power Bank 1

I have definitely fell foul of running out of juice by mid morning on a busy day and then having to crawl round on the floor of offices looking for spare plugs or forgetting to bring my wall plug adapter when travelling abroad.

I have been using a stream of absolutely rubbish cheap power banks from ebay, purely because they were glittery and pink. Shallow? Yes. Practical? Good lord no.

The kind folks at got in touch to ask if they could help keep me powered up. They offer a huge selection of both branded and plain USB power banks to keep your tech juiced up.

The 3,000mAh Venice USB Power Bank can delivery a hefty, rapid charge to my phone, ipad and even my DSLR to get me back up and running in quick sharp time. The best bit about the Venice is the reliability, it’s slimline size and speed oh and of course it is branded just for little old me!


Who wouldn’t want their own branded power bank? It certainly is a great ice breaker for us bloggers as someone will always have run out of charge. Why not hand over your branded blog power bank and dazzle people with your tech prowess?

Are you conservative with your charge or do you go all out and then hope for the best?

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