Monster Digger Experience at Diggerland Durham

Diggerland Durham 2

Back in August, Paul celebrated his 33rd birthday in the way only an overgrown kid could. At Diggerland.

In a little village in Durham, Diggerland is the North East’s branch of the grubby digging fun attraction.

I bought Paul a Monster Digger Experience (£169.99) which included 90 minutes using a Komatsu Excavator which weighs somewhere in the region of 25 tonne. Who wouldn’t love that eh?

Diggerland Durham

On arrival, after a cup of builders brew, we were ran through a safety briefing with our incredibly helpful and friendly instructor for the day. As healthy and safety is a big issue at Diggerland, we were to be in a field at the furthest reach of the property, away from the throngs of people. Were we going to walk there? Were we going to hop in a 4×4? Oh no… Paul and I each got to drive a JCB Back Hoe Loader all the way across the property. I thought this was brilliant as I felt part of the action! I was off like a rocket under the careful guidance of an experienced driver. The JCB even had a hook to hang my designer bag on. Maybe this is the life for me?

As I took up a spot at a safe distance from the dig zone, Paul hopped on up and in to the excavator to start his lesson.

Diggerland Durham 1


Diggerland Durham 4

Diggerland Durham 3


The time flew over and before long he had moved around 35 tonne of soil and made a very impressive swimming pool sized hole. The instructor said Paul he taken to it incredibly quickly and he had a flair for it. Once the big hole was dug, the hard part was filling it back in! With some careful team work, the dinky JCB helped will in the hole.

Our chariots arrived to whisk us back up to the main area. I have to say, those bouncy seats are terrifying. I thought I was just going to bounce right out the window, blimey!

We had a great time and I know that is mostly down to our fantastic instructor for the day. He was so enthusiastic and friendly, it was hard not to have fun. Paul grinned throughout the day and wouldn’t stop telling everyone about his “big hole”.

Diggerland Durham 5

In all honesty, I don’t know how much there is to entertain adults for the entrance price (£19.95) after a quick once round or even if you have girly girl children. I was a tomboy growing up so I’d have been in my element but I can definitely think of friends that wouldn’t have enjoyed being grubby and playing in a field!

There are a few different experiences on offer and I think they are 110% worth it. They are so much fun and also include full park entry for 2 spectators plus the driver.

Ample free parking is a bonus at Diggerland, as well as the indoor play area and café to let play continue if the weather turns.


  1. 22nd September 2015 / 8:05 am

    This looks like an awesome day out! I’m more of a crane girl myself however Arthur loves diggers so this would be right up his street!

    • Katie
      22nd September 2015 / 8:31 pm

      I think he’d love it but I don’t know if Lucie wouldn’t be bored

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