I love… Mango & Papaya Cleansing Hand Gel

I love Mango & Papaya Cleansing Hand Gel


I’m a mucky pup. A dirt magnet. Grubby fingers.

I blame that in part to being a tomboy and always tinkering with things. Even swatching make up, I end up with it everywhere.

I have an absolute GEM to show you – the I Love… Mango & Papaya Cleansing Hand Gel

I have tried hand sanitisers before but they either dry my hands out terribly or leave me feeling sticky. Lets not mention their gross smell, even the coveted Bath & Body Works scented versions all smell nice in the bottle then just rank when you put them on.

This is where the I Love… Mango & Papaya Cleansing Hand Gel is awesome. There is no chemical alcohol smell, the fruity scent is nice and strong but not overpowering. The Jojoba bursting bubbles keep your skin nourished and moisturised so you don’t need to follow up with hand lotion like I find you do with most other hand gel.

I keep this in my hand bags for mucky moments and there’s one in my car and on my desk now too! It’s nice just to pop on for a little burst of a fresh fragrance when you are out and about too without making your hands greasy

At a purse friendly £1.25 and is available at Superdrug.

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