Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror 1

Have you ever done your make up using the tiny little mirror inside of a blusher  or have you stood on the side of a bath in a hotel to try to check your outfit? I know I have and I always vow to never do it again.

The Magic Mirror is here to save us!

The Magic Mirror (£35) is a genius 3 position mirror that can be used as a hand held mirror, table mirror, a full length mirror . It covers all the possible uses a girl can have!

Magic Mirror

It is not made of glass so you don’t have to worry about damage which is a god send, and when folded down, it isn’t any bigger than say an Ipad or a notebook.

When travelling, you can usually guarantee there will either be not enough mirrors or they are rubbish so I like to take my own as it really is hard to straighten your hair while your husband holds up your NARS blush for you to see yourself in – trust me.

Magic Mirror 2

I keep mine in my car as I quite often have to run from job to job and from client meetings to events. Touching up your eye make up in the visor is rubbish! I balance the mirror on the dash and I can make sure my hair and make up is tip top. I don’t know what I did without it!


The Magic Mirror is available from Firebox and Fenwick and comes in 3 different colours as well as a funky festival version direct from Magic Mirror’s website.



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