Magic Mirror

Magic Mirror 1

Have you ever done your make up using the tiny little mirror inside of a blusher  or have you stood on the side of a bath in a hotel to try to check your outfit? I know I have and I always vow to never do it again.

The Magic Mirror is here to save us!

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VO5 Nourish My Shine – Bedazzling Oil Heat Protector

VO5 Nourish My Shine Bedazzling Oil Heat Protector

The 2 part Bedazzling Oil Heat Protector, part of the VO5 Nourish My Shine range, has become my number 1 go-to product for styling my hair.
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Diva Pro Styling Big Hot Rollers

Diva Pro Styling Big Hot Rollers

I’m one of those ladies with awkward hair. Thick, long and curly but with one of those frustrating curls that isn’t well behaved enough to look good whilst curly. If I choose to wear my hair curly for an occasion, I always tong or use curlformers. Very rarely do I wear my natural curls.

With having long and super thick hair, I have been on a quest for the perfect heated rollers for years, I just can’t find any with a barrel big enough to give me the large bouncy waves most people can manage with their sets. I have tried using smaller ones (and have a cupboard of failed attempts!) but there are either not enough in the pack or they are too small in diameter to give me the look I want thanks to cramming all my hair on to them.

Along came Diva and their wonderfully huge barrelled rollers! Is this it? The perfect heated roller? 

In the set, you have 2 ginormous rollers (50mm) and 7  of smaller diameter (38mm) ones that are still far wider than most I have found. The unit itself heats up insanely fast and I love the fact you can angle the heating unit to have it on an angle or flat.

The barrell of each roller is smooth and flocked which makes it easy to wind the hair on and keep it nice and smooth. To secure the roller you have the choice of either a claw clip or the traditional metal pin. I always opt for the claw clip.

As with all heated rollers, if you leave them in long enough to cool down, you’re rewarded by beautifully bouncy, voluminous loose curls. Because of the smooth flocked barrel it makes removal a doddle too.

My only mini gripe is I’d love to have seen more than 2 of the large red rollers to suit people with longer / thicker hair or even an additional roller set in the line made up of 6/8 of the larger rollers along side this offering and the smaller one in the line. This is just a personal gripe as I do absolutely LOVE this set, with the nice mix of red for volumising the crown and the green to form loose curls everywhere else.

For the price they are great quality and finally a great product on the market for peope in my same situation. I’m very glad to have found these rollers!

I’ve been doing some drooling on the rest of the Diva line and I think I’m going to be putting the wide straighteners infused with Argan Oil on to my christmas wish list! They look JUST like what I need to tame my barnet!!
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