Top 4 Kid Friendly Travel Destinations

Travelling with Kids

Travelling as a family can be an extremely stressful ordeal, as you’re always trying to ensure that everyone is enjoying themselves and getting to do all the activities they’d hope for. Fortunately, there are plenty of great destinations that have a wide variety of activities and sites available to do and explore, meaning everyone in your family can have a fun and relaxing vacation. So here are four of the best destinations to bring your kids on your next holiday.

Tenerife, Spain


Tenerife is full of beautiful stretches of white sand and an interior that is just begging to be explored. Mount Teide, an active volcano, sits at the centre of the island in Teide National Park, which features wonderful trekking paths and a cable car that will allow you to go up to the volcano’s mouth if you request access in advance. Tenerife is also home to other stunning geological sites, such as Los Gigantes cliffs, an impressive sight in their own right they also give you the chance to spot one of the many schools of dolphins that have made the bay their home.

Menorca, Spain


The all inclusive resorts that sit on the Island of Menorca are some of the Mediterranean’s best. The Southwest coast is home to great family centred resorts that have all water-sport and beach activities you can imagine, as well as amusement parks with bumper cars, ball pits, and trampolines. This destination is a great choice for a family who’re looking for all the amenities and activities within the convenience of a single location.

Rhodes, Greece

Image by Roger W used under the Creative Commons License

If your family are after a little bit of seclusion than Rhodes might be the perfect destination for you. The scenic curved bay of Kolymbia Cove is home to a tranquil beach that is perfect for a family with youngsters. The local area is also home to the Epta Piges—“Seven Springs”—which features a verdant forest and lake, hiking trails, as well as peacocks.

Dalaman Area, Turkey

Dalaman Turkey

This is one of Turkey’s quieter resort areas and sits nearby a village, which is replete with traditional tavernas that haven’t been taken over by massive commercial interests. The area boasts a magnificent 12 km stretch of sand at the point where the Mediterranean Sea and the Aegean Sea meet, but the main resort also has seven kid-friendly pools. There are also local cultural sites to explore, such as the Lycian Tombs, which are pre-Greek and carved into a cliff-face.

Whether you’re a family who likes to plan their own holidays or enjoy the relaxation of all inclusive holidays, these destinations will be enjoyed by all family members.


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