Rimmel Nude Kate Moss Collection – 43 & 45

Rimmel Kate Moss Nudes


This season, Kate Moss has expanded her current lipstick collection with Rimmel to include 5 new Nude shades that are intended to be ‘shades for all’.

With a promised 8hr lasting finish, let’s take a look more closely at two shades….

Sporting the same sickly synthetic flavour of the rest of the lipstick ┬áline, the new Nude shades glide on the lips effortlessly and feel very comfortable. Both moisturising and with a slight gloss finish, I haven’t been able to get these shades to last anywhere even close to 8hr, even over a neutral lip liner. Something about shade 43 made it impossible to get a sharp lip line from the bullet. The formula just made it look like I had coloured outside of the lines!

Rimmel Kate Moss Nudes 2

43 is a caramel toned nude (top) and 45 is a blue toned nude (bottom)

The colours don’t entirely sit well with my skin tone either. The lightest shade is too pale, the darkest too dark leaving the 2 of the middle 3 to be very meh. I had such high hopes for these shades to give me the perfect high street nude but sadly they missed the mark for me personally. Hats off to Rimmel for creating 5 nudes shades though, it’s a hard old colour to get right on the high street.

I know they look fantastic on some people, for which I am jealous, but my tip is to look at the testers before buying!

I am on the hunt for shade 42 as nowhere I have tried has had it in stock – i’m giving the Nudes collection 1 last try to redeem themselves!

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